What are Natural Fancy Color diamonds and who buys them?

What are Natural Fancy Color diamonds and who buys them?

When people think of diamonds, they tend to think of sparkling, transparent gemstones. While this variety of diamonds known as colorless diamonds accounts for the majority of diamonds, they are far from being the only type. In fact, there is a whole world of colored diamonds known as Fancy Color Diamonds. Only a very small percent of the world’s colored diamonds is of gem-quality. This is why Fancy Color Diamonds are not widely available and few stores carry them.

Fancy Color Diamonds are found in nature and are formed in the same geological process as colorless diamonds. All diamonds are created underneath the Earth’s surface over millions if not billions of years. Sometimes, diamonds are exposed to specific rare conditions which can slightly alter their molecular structure and change the way they refract light, altering their color. For example, blue diamonds, one of the rarest diamond colors, have the chemical element boron embedded in their structure. Similarly, yellow diamonds contain nitrogen. Pink diamonds have a slight deformation in their structure, and green diamonds are caused by a type of radioactivity.

When grading color diamonds, color takes center stage, whereas all 4 Cs are of equal importance as grading colorless diamonds. Each diamond color intensity and size vary in terms of rarity and price.

In recent years, some celebrities were gifted or proposed to with a Fancy Color Diamond ring. As a result, pinks and yellow Fancy Color Diamonds became more popular and in demand. Additionally, very high auction prices for Fancy Color Diamonds recently have driven their widespread recognition as a family asset and heirloom.

Gall Raiman, owner of Raiman Rocks, a concierge diamond showroom in Calabasas, California, specializes in natural Fancy Color Diamonds and has been an expert in this niche market for many years. “At the end of the day, it comes down to personal preference and budget,” Gall says. “A client needs to decide what matters most, so we can find and match the right diamond for them. Some of our clients are looking for that rare, special, family heirloom that will appreciate in value over time. For those clients, nothing exceeds the rarity and uniqueness of a Fancy Color Diamond.”

Gall adds, “For many of my clients, owning their own Fancy Color Diamond ring is a lifelong dream. A client told me recently that everyone notices her pink diamond ring and asks her what kind of stone it is. And she loves telling them, it’s a Pink diamond!”

Gall invites those curious to learn more about Fancy Color Diamonds to visit his website, RaimanRocks.com, home to a gallery of many of the colored diamonds and jewelry pieces Gall has crafted.

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