The GDAC 2020 Digital Economy Free Trade Development Forum Successfully Held in Hainan


Beijing, China – On November 10th, the GDAC 2020 Digital Economy Free Trade Development Forum was successfully held in Sanya, on the southern Chinese island, Hainan. This forum is hosted by GDAC and Hainan Digital Transaction Research Institute, organized by Leben, EFFORCE, PolyChain Capital, BCH Ecological Fund, Anxin Charity Foundation, Digital Cash, and co-organized by SeeleN. Focused on “new infrastructure, new elements”, discuss related topics on how the digital economy can promote sustainable development.

Check-in Area

The meeting is mainly divided into five parts: China’s New Infrastructure, Round Table Forum, Digital Economy and Sustainable Development, Signing Ceremony and Concept Machine Launch. Academic authorities, industry experts, research institutions, and representatives of world-renowned blockchain projects will be invited to gather together to discuss the bright prospects of new infrastructure and digital economy development in the forum.

Group Photo of Guests

At the beginning of the conference, Mr. Chen Mo, Member of the Party Committee and Deputy Director of Sanya Central Business District Administration, Mr. Eason, Secretary General of GDAC, and Mr. Liu Honglu, Executive Chairman of the China Asian Economic Development Association, respectively made a speech and expressed congratulations on the convening of the conference.

In the “China’s New Infrastructure” section, Dr. Gao Jian, senior economist, founder of China’s bond capital market, former executive vice president of China Development Bank, professor of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, and Chief Scientist of Xiongan Blockchain Laboratory Dr. Zhu Haogang, President of Huobi University and former Director of the Institute of Industrial Economics of the Information Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Mr. Yu Jianing, took the stage in turn to talk about the tremendous changes in China’s economic structure since the concept of new infrastructure development was put forward, and they put forward ideas from different angles and fields for the future development direction of new infrastructure. In addition, Mr. Li Jun, deputy director of Xiongan Blockchain Lab, also gave a keynote virtual speech.

In the “Digital Economy and Sustainable Development” section, Mr. Peng Wang, Chief Marketing Officer of SeeleN, Head of BCH Ecological Fund; Mr. Evan An, Chief Operating Officer of SeeleN and Senior Marketing Expert; Mr. Meng Yan, Vice President of Digital Asset Research Institute, Founder of YouZhengLianTong; Dr. Jeff Ho, Chief Industrial Transformation Consultant of SeeleN; Mr. Liang Wei, Chief Industrial Transformation Consultant of SeeleN, Mr. Li Yu, Deputy Secretary-General of the Coordination Committee of TusHoldings and Executive Director of Welle Bank of Singapore Digital Bank, delivered speeches successively. While explaining the development direction of their respective projects, they also expressed their expectations for the development of the digital economy. Stephen Wozniak, co-founder of EFFORCE and Apple co-founder, and Mr. Andrea Castiglione, Investors Relation Manager, and co-founder of EFFORCE in Italy also sent greetings via videos, introducing the project, while expressed their congratulations on the successful opening of the conference.

Between the two keynote speeches, the host invited Dr. Zhu Haogang, Mr. Li Yu, Mr. Peng Wang, Dr. Jeff Ho, and Mr. Liang Wei to join the roundtable forum to discuss the development of industrial-capital integration under the demand of China’s new infrastructure.

Roundtable Forum

Afterwards, SeeleN held a signing ceremony with Welle Bank and LEBEN respectively. Mr. Peng Wang, Dr. Jeff Ho, and Dr. Bi Wei came to the stage as representatives of the project parties to sign the contracts. This signing is another major determination of SeeleN following a series of measures for industrial development, marking SeeleN’s further advancement in the healthcare and financial fields.

SeeleN and Welle Bank Signed a Cooperation Agreement

SeeleN and LEBEN Signed a Cooperation Agreement

At the end of the conference, Dr. Bi Wei, Chief Technology Officer of LEBEN, Special Technical Advisor of SeeleN, and Deputy Secretary-General of China Blockchain Innovation and Application Alliance, took the stage and released the concept of personal data safe. The personal data safe focuses on the capitalization of personal data in the healthcare field and strives to optimize the structure of the healthcare industry to solve problems such as imbalance of medical resources and difficulty in sharing medical data.

The conference invited representatives from all sectors of the industry and more than a thousand companies in South China to participate. While sharing experience and communicating ideas, it also set up a bridge of communication between large state-owned enterprises and small and medium-sized private enterprises, and jointly grasp the major opportunities of the digital economy and coordinate industrial upgrading and technological transformation.

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