Concise Recovery Center Accepts Overdose Cases brought by COVID-19-Related Problems

Concise Recovery Center Accepts Overdose Cases brought by COVID-19-Related Problems
Concise ensures improved outcomes and minimal stress as patients move through the recovery process

Concise Recovery Center is a rehabilitation center that combines holistic and therapeutic services in treating patients. As they transition from addiction to sobriety, the center makes sure they encounter as little stress as possible.

Concise houses staff with excellent credentials and experience in treatment and personal recovery. They are equipped to handle even the most complex cases and assist patients on their journey to freedom from addiction.

Their dynamic and adaptive practitioners understands that the clients’ experiences with addiction are different, and they may have different reasons such as problems and worries brought by COVID-19-related difficulties, tough life circumstances, a lack of opportunities, fractured relationships or an unbalanced mental state. The practitioners are responsible in addressing the patient’s unique experience with addiction and provide them with life tools they need to overcome it.

“Find the healing you deserve,” offered a representative from Concise.

Concise provides clients with compassionate and evidence-based treatment on an individualized level. The staff mindfully centers treatment on the patients’ personal needs, empowering each client in their journey of recovery.

“Concise Recovery changed my life. I was at my wits end struggling with a mixture of addictions. I checked into Concise, and they helped me every step of the way to get back on my feet. They even transferred me to an aftercare program that worked with my family and their budget,” shared Matt G., a former Concise patient.

Their programs include detoxification, residential inpatient and outpatient program. Detoxification provides the highest quality care for alcohol and drug detox. Patients undergo these accredited sub-acute detox programs in luxurious, private facilities. They can choose among a variety of medications and accommodations. These, along with the assistance of industry leaders and experts in the process, make detoxification as comfortable as possible.

Residential inpatient or inpatient addiction treatment provides intensive level of care for patients with substance use disorders. They recuperate in a highly structured environment that prioritizes sustainable healing. The program equips patients with life skills and sobriety they can with them outside the center. Outpatient program is an ideal choice for people who are serious about sobriety but need a flexible treatment that can work around their schedules. Unlike the partial hospitalization program, outpatient program does not have a required time commitment.

Concise Recovery Center has an upscale and comfortable facility. While inside, patients can freely find and explore a life of sobriety. The designed treatment program addresses self-destructive behaviors and establishes a new lifestyle. Concise is licensed from the state of California and accredited by the Joint Commission to provide sub-acute detoxification and addiction recovery services to men and women aged 18 and above.

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