Aeonmed and Heyer further consolidate the leading position of ventilator manufacturing & supplying globally

Aeonmed & Heyer together showing on virtual.MEDICA 2020

Aeonmed’s 50,000 ventilators units fighting against covid-19

According to statistics, Aeonmed has leapt to the top manufacturer of ventilator in 2020 with more than 50000 units supplying worldly. VG70 ventilator is designed and manufactured by Aeonmed.

The world suffered the great attacks by COVID-19 outbreak at the beginning of 2020. Aeonmed actively carries out work resumption to meet the global demands for ventilators staying true to the founding mission “Guard Life Sincerely”. Aeonmed has successfully finished the emergency needs of ventilators for life support from more than 160 countries including Italy, the United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, Serbia, Rwanda, Ukraine, Mongolia, etc.

Beijing Aeonmed Co., Ltd. (Aeonmed) was founded in 2001 as a leading manufacturer in life support medical devices. Aeonmed has been accumulated fruitful experiences in R&D, manufacturing, sales and service for 19 years. The products cover two business segments mainly. The first is Anesthesia and related operating room (OR) solutions including anesthesia machines, operating lights, operating tables, medical ceiling pendants, patient monitors, infusion pumps, medical warming blankets and digital OR solutions etc. The second is Mechanical ventilation and related respiratory disease management including ventilators, high flow respiratory humidifiers, home care products and digital intense care unit (ICU) solutions etc.

For 19 years, Aeonmed has been actively taking social responsibilities and using actions to interpret the mission Guard life sincerely. During the SARS outbreak, Aeonmed donated our newly developed anesthesia workstation to save lives. During the Wenchuan earthquake, Aeonmed sent a rescue team to help with the assistance work and work day and night to produce more than 1,000 ventilators within a week. During the Nepal earthquake, Aeonmed donated a batch of relief supplies to Nepal through the Ministry of Commerce.

Aeonmed R&D centers spread all around the world in Beijing, Shanghai, the United States and German with branches in India, Indonesia, Mexico, Germany and the United States. Aeonmed has accumulated almost 1,200 patents including almost 800 invention patents and got many awards internationally and domestically such as iF Design Award, Red Dot Design Award, Red Star Design Award, Golden Pin Design Award.

As an expert in OR&ICU, Aeonmed has been adhering to the belief of “Guard Life Sincerely” for 19 years, researched and developed more reliable products in this field to reduce the risk of perioperative surgery and sincerely protect the precious lives of patients. Looking forward to the future, Aeonmed will continue to uphold this great mission and move towards a more international path.

Aeonmed acquired Heyer Medical AG both entering into another new booming times

Heyer Medical AG Acquired by Aeonmed, the 137-yr-old Heyer will reborn like a phoenix.

Heyer Medical AG was established in 1883 located in Bad Ems Germany, one of the most famous places for therme and spa. The healing powers of mineral-rich water vapour for all kinds of respiratory tract diseases have been well-known and Heyer focuses on respiratory therapy for more than 100 years. It was here that inhalation technology began its rise to international acceptance – a development in which HEYER played a significant role. After wholly-owned acquisition and fulfilled with bunch of comprehensive product lines, including solutions in OR and ICU, Heyer has started a brand-new journey with a more colorful future.

In 1883, mechanical engineer Carl Heyer began to develop devices enabling healing vapours to be inhaled without the need to visit thermal springs. Over the years his devices became increasingly compact and, thanks to industrial production, increasingly affordable, so that soon they could be shipped to doctors and clinics all over the world. Similarly, atomization of medication was developed, enabling targeted local treatment of respiratory tract diseases to be administered and further boosting the spread of inhalation technology.

Carried forward this precious fortune, Heyer extended their product lines into different area such anaesthesia to realize their mission: Each human life is precious. Depending on a deep consensus, especially the same attitude toward LIFE, Heyer chose to collaborate with Aeonmed to build a brighter future.

Aeonmed&Heyer will attend virtual.MEDICA hand in hand as the leading ventilator supplier in 2020

Since 2004, Aeonmed has consecutively participated in the Medica exhibition in Germany for 17 years without interruption. Medica has witnessed the growth and transformation of Aeonmed, and as an exhibitor, Aeonmed has also witnessed the growing diversity and advancement of Medica.

As an OR&ICU operating expert, based on the global strategy, relied on advanced R&D technology platform and years of professional equipment manufacturing experience for ventilators and anaesthesia machines, Aeonmed demonstrates its keen sense of market and forward-looking strategic vision. Following the launch of the high-end anesthesia machine Aeon8600A at the Medica exhibition in 2011 to enter the global medium and high-end market anesthesia machine market, Aeonmed followed the development trend of the global market and continued to make efforts to launch the first anesthesia machine Aeon8700A with electronic display flowmeter at the 2012 exhibition. With its precise monitoring function and integrated circuit design, it is favored by the majority of their partners.

Aeonmed brought its new-launched ventilator VG70 to the 2013 Medica exhibition. It is the first electronically driven and electronically controlled treatment ventilator with a turbine in China with comprehensive functions, elegant appearance, and humanized design according to clinical needs which is well received by customers. Everyone rushed to personally operate and experience the functions of the products. VG70 as Aeonmed’s star product together with medical workers fighting gloriously on the front line of the epidemic covid-19 guarding lives sincerely.

2020 is a year full of difficulties and opportunities. With dedication in medical developments and determination to guard lives sincerely, Aeonmed and Heyer will move forward hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder!

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