Mango Animate WM: Intuitive Drawing Animation Software for Educators

Mango Animate WM: Intuitive Drawing Animation Software for Educators

Teachers can explain complex topics or demonstrate a process through whiteboard visuals with Mango Animate’s drawing animation software.
Mango Animate WM, the drawing animation software provides teachers with easy-to-use features and exciting animation effects to present their course content.

Mango Animate WM is a drawing animation software program that is highly effective in the educational field, allowing better communication between teachers and students. This drawing animation software attracts students, engages them with content, and breaks down complex topics through detailed whiteboard animations.

Since learning has gone almost primarily remote in many educational institutions, teachers utilize digital platforms to distribute lesson plans. The drawing animation software from Mango Animate allows for complete lesson plan customization through exciting animation effects, thousands of free media assets, and a large selection of drawing hands to choose from. In this capacity, teachers can deliver personalized lessons to students, covering an unlimited range of topics and subjects.

Mango Animate WM makes it easy for users to record and edit voice-overs, allowing teachers to add an audio component to their visual lesson plans. Educators can more simply explain subjects such as science, math, history, and languages when there is a captivating whiteboard animated video with audio to go along with it.

Teachers can also use this drawing animation software to deliver assignments to students. Since many students are not physically in classrooms, they will better understand a project if they have access to a video description. Mango Animate WM not only fosters the creation of an explainer video but provides pre-made characters, SVG images, icons, shapes, and more to convey messages in greater detail.

In a flipped classroom, teachers can use Mango Animate WM to create compelling video content for students to watch and learn from at home. Teachers often find that children have limited attention spans and tend to lose sight of their lessons. A whiteboard animation video tackles this issue, as it keeps students focused and engaged end to end.

“We think this drawing animation software will make a big difference in education programs,” says Mango Animate CMO Ken Glenn. “Since many people are visual learners, students will certainly benefit from the convenience of having a lesson plan drawn out for them on the screen.”

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