Houston Rapper Releases Emotions, Not Music

Houston Rapper Releases Emotions, Not Music
Longliveadamariz aims to assure listeners that in this fight for life, they are not alone

Rapper Adamaris Alamos, the person behind longliveadamariz, has recently released her EP album Midnight Prayers which she deems not only a release of her art, but also a release of her emotions. In fact, this resolution of feelings and validation of emotions is the overarching theme of her album. According to her, the purpose of her music is to reach out to the emotionally vulnerable, validate their feelings, and assure them that they are not alone. In essence, her music is a shout out to those who need it the most. It is as much about the listeners and their feelings as it is about her own journey with her emotions.

Longliveadamariz owns a YouTube account where her music can be streamed for free. She also creates exclusive content such as music videos and behind the scenes videos for her YouTube account. Apart from YouTube, her work is also available for streaming on all major music platforms. These include both Spotify and SoundCloud. She is also quite active on social media and actively manages her profiles on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Over the past year, her music has been streamed online for thousands of times and she has been featured in Voyage Houston articles multiple times. Her initial success also led her to launch her official merchandise line “The LongLiveAdamariz Store” which offers fans exclusive designs based on the rapper’s songs. Adamaris Alamos designs all the merchandise herself along with her close friend.

Adamaris Alamos started writing songs quite early in her life, aged only 14. She was heavily inspired by her loving grandmother who she saw writing songs while growing up. Her death was a turning point for Ada and threw her in the midst of emotional turmoil. This inspired her to pick up her pen and write her own music, leading to Midnight Prayers EP and all her other recent releases. Her music reflects her own journey, and is inspired by real-life events that the rapper herself has experienced. She hopes to be an inspiration for anyone struggling in the world, and aims to strengthen them with her own voice, lest they feel voiceless.


Adamaris Alamos is an emerging rapper from Houston, Texas who channels her feelings in her music. By doing so, she hopes to connect with those who might feel alone or abandoned in the world. Her music, especially her latest release EP Midnight Prayers, has been greatly influenced by her grandmother and real-life experiences.


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