eMeet NOVA Webcam: 96 Degree Wide View – Black Friday Offer

A convenient “WEB camera” for video calls and video conferencing. Nowadays, there are a lineup of models with various functions, and it is easy to wonder which one to choose. The camera used for Zoom is not installed in the personal computer, but by purchasing a high-quality camera separately, it is possible to improve the image and sound quality. A eMeet NOVA Webcam that allows people to enjoy video calls by connecting to a computer. People can easily realize a web conference with a meeting tool such as Skype or Zoom.


eMeet NOVA Webcam is compact and foldable, so it is convenient to carry. Uses a personal computer display and a multi-stand that can be installed on a flat surface. Since it also supports a tripod, people can shoot a wide range of 360 degrees with themselves as the subject. In addition, it is a webcam that allows people to shoot at any angle, regardless of location. The content of the story can be conveyed in clear and clear voice with reduced ambient noise.


With the 360-degree rotation function suitable for video distribution, it is possible to shoot in all directions even indoors. With clear video and stable audio, it is a webcam that allows multiple people to enjoy conversations at the same time, such as video conferencing and recording.

1080p Full HD

eMeet NOVA Webcam is a webcam suitable for business use as it is compatible with most video chat apps such as ZOOM and Skype. With 1080p full HD image quality and a wide viewing angle of 75°, one or two people can fit in well. Since there is a microphone that can take sound in all directions, it is possible to deliver clear sound quality. When using it for applications such as web meetings where there is little movement of people, stress-free calls are possible if it supports 30fps.

Auto Exposure

In addition, because eMeet NOVA Webcam uses a high-precision optical lens, it is a webcam with an automatic low-light adjustment function that can transmit clear images even from a dimly lit room, and is also excellent in color tone and exposure compensation.

Where To Buy

eMeet NOVA Webcam is now available on Amazon For Just $31.99 after use the clip coupon, The offer is starting from 2020-11-26 00:00 PDT till 2020-11-30 23:59 PDT, after that time price will be normal at $49.99 so go now and order it.

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