So Breezy Babe Lifestyle Magazine Debuts with Unprecedented Success

So Breezy Babe Lifestyle Magazine Debuts with Unprecedented Success

West Hollywood, CA – Nov 26, 2020 – The new lifestyle blog and magazine company So Breezy Babe has officially launched. This dynamic publication explores an explosive and engaging, wide variety of topics encompassing health, beauty, and cooking, but any similarity to other lifestyle magazines stops there. The owners of the company have been friends since college, and are dedicated to bring the activities they enjoy to the magazine, all while restoring the sophistication of a learned mind in every issue and blog post.

The first month of the official launch of the blog met with exceptional acclaim and success. In the first month, it received over 290k visitors. Readers will find light-hearted quizzes and trivia based on reliable science, pieces on décor, fashion and style, alongside deep articles on scientific discoveries and a fresh look at interesting topics in world history, complete with citations and references for inquisitive minds.

So Breezy Babe also features challenging, safe, and fun exercise video tutorials for fitness. Cooking videos highlighting organic meals that are absolutely delicious and are easy to create for culinary tastes both domestic and international. Also, on the site for readers are colorful, sophisticated, cocktail recipes to spice up anyone’s quarantine blues!

So Breezy Babe readers, A.K.A. Breezers, will find articles about safe solo travel and activities ranging from mountain biking to zip-lining. Beauty tutorials are such a must, and are all available to ensure everyone can look breezy and beautiful no matter where their journeys take them!

The So Breezy Babe brand also owns two crazy-amazing health-oriented companies to help keep Breezers at the top of their games, with a whole host of healthy options for relaxation of the mind, body and spirit. The first is Luminous Dreams that offers organic, luxury soaps, soaks, shampoos, candles, and curated gifts from around the world!

Luminous Dreams also gives back to the community while supporting the work of artists around the world through the sale of a charitable item. Breezers can expect free give aways in the near future from Luminous Dreams. Luminous Dreams Store received 330k visitors during the previous month!

The brand’s second company is Natural Coffee Delights, offering premium, gourmet coffees from around the globe that are ethically produced. Visitors can peruse bag after bag of heavenly scented aromatic coffee blends that are unique, exotic, and often international as well as domestic.

So Breezy Babe is a world of wonder that takes Breezers on exciting, enlightening, and engaging excursions, from their back yard to exotic locales. The two young owners are more than excited and committed to encouraging people of all walks of life on their journey to living well. Media inquiries, interviews, features, product placement, podcasts, advertisers, and television programs, are always welcome as the dynamic duo of Saydah & Rose address topics of interest and concern to Breezers everywhere. Stay Breezy!

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Welcome to So Breezy, Babe – a lifestyle blog devoted to bringing you the most unique content on anything related to living well. This means you can expect an amazing assortment of good food articles, delicious cocktail recipes, work outs that bring amazing results, intellectual articles to enhance your people skills and conversation fodder for the dating world, books that are ready to be reviewed by the public, travel vlogging, and articles on exotic locations, glamourous hotels, and lots, and lots of organic… well, everything! Remember to subscribe to the website so you don’t miss our $500 product give aways from our two luxury organic brands! It’s time to meet the ideas behind the brand. So grab your favorite drink, sit back, and enjoy the experience we bring here at So Breezy Babe Magazine and Blog.

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