The Christmas Guide to Kitchen Renovations

A kitchen renovations company has pulled together the perfect Christmas guide for home makers and interior design enthusiasts.

Basement Finishing Company has created some Christmas cracker kitchen renovation ideas that could transform the festive season for creative homeowners.

A spokesman for Basement Finishing Company, that helps people to transform their kitchens across the Ontario region, said: “The kitchen is the place where most people take their first cup of coffee of the day, where they prepare school lunches, entertain friends and family and where guests gather during holidays or celebrations, so it makes sense that people want to create the very best kitchen space they can. We thought we would share a few ideas for those who might fancy a Christmas kitchen renovation gift.

“We have worked with top chefs to people buying their first homes. Our main aim is to create a space that is tailor-made to their needs. We thought that by creating a Christmas wish list, it might help to inspire those who are about to undertake their kitchen renovations or inspire others who have been considering it,” he added.

“If people want to change their kitchens there are some key questions they need to ask themselves before they start work. If they brief their kitchen renovators of everything they want to achieve in their kitchen, then they can come up with the very best plan to achieve this. This is exactly what we do with our customers. We want them to be happy with the work we do in transforming their kitchens, so we have to sit down and understand what they want before we can go ahead,” he added.

Basement Finishing Company has created this special Christmas Kitchen Renovation Guide to help people who want to transform their kitchen space…

  • What do people want to achieve with their space?
  • Do they want to change the configuration?
  • Do they need more storage?
  • Do they want more of an entertaining space?
  • Do they want people to be able to eat in the kitchen?
  • Do they want to create a sense of space?
  • Are they prepared to knock down walls?
  • What sort of light fittings do they want?
  • Do any extra appliances need to be included in the design?
  • Would specially designed cabinets help to fit a small space?
  • Would open shelving help to create more space?
  • Have they considered space saving appliances?
  • Changing counter top scan transform the look of a kitchen
  • Changing paint shades can create light and space
  • Textured and painted ceilings can completely change the look of a room, without taking up any space
  • The color of the floor can change the look and the feeling of space in the kitchen

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