SAFE® Collecting Supplies Launches New Website Providing More Options So Collectors Can Preserve Their Stamps And Avoid Being Exposed to Covid-19

SAFE® Collecting Supplies: Moving Collections of Coin and Stamp Supplies Online

SAFE® Collecting Supplies, the company widely known for printed hinge-less stamp albums and stamp accessories, is at it again. This time around, the company launches a new website, ensuring that stamp collectors can easily access stamp albums and stamp collecting supplies online. This means stamp collectors can now purchase stamp albums and stamp collecting supplies online and have them shipped directly to their home. By using readily available technology to ensure safe collection of stamps, SAFE® has now made it easy for stamp collectors to easily order their stamp supplies from the comfort of their homes.

Since stamps albums and stamp collecting supplies have been previously purchased in person, collectors might be exposed to the risk of contracting COVID-19 if the status quo is maintained. One thing that makes this new technique easier for seasoned and new collectors is the fact that it is easier and safer to use by everyone who needs stamp albums and other stamp collecting supplies.

SAFE makes it easy for stamp collectors to select the style and size of binder they actually prefer online. This new innovation, therefore, helps people organize their stamps in unique yet pristine stamp albums.   But people can also simply still call us at 877-395-SAFE for assistance

Despite this COVID-19 pandemic, stamps collectors can still purchase, store and organize their stamps from SAFE®. We now have our unique stamp albums and stamp collecting supplies easily available online through our latest website design. Collectors who want hinge-less stamp albums and professional stamp collecting supplies can now get these items online from our new site” said Kurt Braun. “With that, we have removed more obstacles that are associated with buying stamp albums and stamp collecting supplies in this time of COVID-19 pandemic,” he concluded.

SAFE wants to help everyone to continue to ensure the preservation of their stamp collection!  Everyone still using hinges or stamp mounts, now has a new opportunity to use the printed SAFE-dual Hinge-less Stamp Album by ordering their choice online.  And still to date, is the only Hingeless Stamp Album that allows collectors to see both sides of the stamps!

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