How Music Paved the Way for Lanita Smith to Embrace Her Struggles and Move Forward

How Music Paved the Way for Lanita Smith to Embrace Her Struggles and Move Forward

In a world that vehemently glorifies greatness and amplifies success, we find ourselves realizing that real victories are achieved when a person has triumphantly overcome the countless obstacles placed in one’s path. And in the middle of these unrelenting difficulties, people develop the strength and resilience to withstand any adversity. As one of those who truly understand the role of struggles in one’s pursuits of success, Lanita Smith used her experiences and transformed them into lessons for the next generation of aspiring hopefuls to learn from through music.

Music has its way of conveying different stories of happiness, love, hope, joy, and even pains and heartaches. It allows people to embrace their identity, express themselves while listening to the affliction of others. Indeed, music is a beautiful and practical medium used as a vessel for change and growth. With this in mind, coupled with her inherent talent in music, Lanita Smith brings out her melodic tunes to become a beacon of hope for those struggling to grapple with reality.

Born and bred while surrounded by the splendor of the countryside, Lanita Smith always had a penchant for music. Ever since she discovered how music profusely captivated her mom, Lanita knew that it had the power to get her through even the stormiest seas. True enough, Lanita would not have faced adversities had it not been for the healing power of music. And as she grew into the woman that she is now, Lanita uses her experiences, topped with her impeccable talents, and grounds her music with the mission to guide, heal, and motivate others.

Zealously honing a noble approach towards achieving her goals in the industry, Lanita’s versatility and soul-stirring voice, mashed with a creative flair for words, paved the way for her path in music. And as a result of her passion and tenacity, this singer-songwriter and musician was handpicked by Don Was and became the winner of Guitar Center’s Singer-Songwriter 4 competition. Because of this breakthrough, Lanita created meaningful affiliations with some of the notable people across the industry and eventually connected with the LA Chapter of The Recording Academy, where she met her mentor, Mozella.

Since then, her journey to success became more apparent than ever. As a matter of fact, Lanita Smith’s prowess in the industry has led her to work with some award-winning artists and producers in the world of entertainment, such as Aaron Neville, Ty Dolla $ign, Kanye West, Jessica Sanchez, Chance The Rapper, Teddy Riley, and more. Lanita has also co-founded Little Monarch with Casey Kalmenson. Besides that, some of Lanita’s remarkable works can be found in tv series and films such as Hustlers, The Addams Family, and All American.

Proving her sterling image across the industry, Lanita Smith has recently released a single entitled “Holdin’ on” last November 6, 2020. She revealed that this song was designed to inspire others to move forward amid these trying times.

“I wanted to change the narrative [of] speaking the truth by inspiring and giving hope to [others in] situations that leave us with a feeling of defeat.”

Instead of veering away from struggles, Lanita Smith encourages us to embrace these countless defeats and turn them into sources of motivation that help us move forward towards our goals. Lanita hopes to motivate others and allow them to see the good in every obstacle through her songs.

To know more about Lanita Smith, you may visit her website or Instagram page. You may also download her single, Holdin’ On, through this link.

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