“The Spirit of Mental Health” Launches Novel Streetwear Line – Unique Streetwear For Men, Women, and Children That Empowers Individuals to Redefine Their Mental Health

"The Spirit of Mental Health" Launches Novel Streetwear Line - Unique Streetwear For Men, Women, and Children That Empowers Individuals to Redefine Their Mental Health
By pairing an animal and the spirit it embodies, people are encouraged to view their mental health through a positive lens. They can have courage because they wake up every day and face their mental illness with a new mindset of strength and resilience.

Toronto, Canada – November 27, 2020 – When a new product is launched that can make a difference in the lives of people living with a mental illness, it should be heralded. It is a major advancement as far as these individuals are concerned and should be treated as such. The “The Spirit of Mental Health” has launched a brilliant streetwear line that has the power to affect how people think and feel when they wear one of these items. 

The pairing of an animal and the spirit it embodies through a clothing line offers a simple way to cause people to view themselves on a different level, through their subconscious mind. “The Spirit of Mental Health” is guided by two principles: “Redefine & Own Your Mental Health”

They reference treasured animals like the lion, bear, hummingbird, eagle, tiger, and gorilla to represent the most powerful forces in the mental health healing journey such as courage, bravery, resilience, strength, liberty, willpower, and more. 

During a recent interview, a spokesperson made these comments, “We create streetwear designed to empower all, reduce stigma, and redefine mental health. Our signature gold detailing is a representation of optimism, positivity, and prestige. We all know that facing life’s challenges can be hard. By choosing an animal, such as the lion you are standing for Courage. You are choosing to be courageous when it’s not easy to do so, and this courage will change your life.” 

Customer Testimonials tell the story. Take a look at what Shawna, a Verified Customer, had to say, “It takes strength to face challenges, look within, ask for help, and have tough conversations. Loving this merch by The Spirit of Mental Health – clothing that stands up for what counts.” 

This is what Elizabeth has to say, “My Lion and Gorilla sweaters don’t tell the outside world I have a mental illness. They tell the world I relate to the lion, whose courage I embody in my daily life with a mental illness. Or that I have the strength of a gorilla, and I use this strength to maintain my self-care regimen.” 

Coming Soon: “Redefine Mental Health” is a platform that helps visitors navigate the complexities of the mental healthcare system. The focus is to improve the process and access to acquiring mental healthcare support by providing: Immediate and relevant information to help navigate the mental healthcare system and productive and actionable solutions when ready and trying to access care. ​ 

Everyone is invited to become involved in their mission to help all Canadians living with a mental illness, and to live a better quality of life. “Redefine Mental Health” believes in giving back to the community. This is why each purchase not only stands for reducing stigma, but all profits will help fund an online platform to help Canadians better access the mental healthcare they need. 

For complete information, visit: https://www.spiritofmentalhealth.com/

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