Warning against DIY Microwave Repair in Ottawa

Experts have warned enthusiastic residents not to undertake DIY microwave repair in Ottawa or risk causing irreparable damage.

Experts have warned enthusiastic residents not to undertake DIY microwave repair in Ottawa or risk causing irreparable damage.

Technicians at family owned and run Appliance Repair Ottawa have urged anyone who needs their microwave repaired to use qualified experts.

A spokesman at Appliance Repair Ottawa said: “Microwaves are probably the second most used appliance in the kitchen after the fridge, so they take a bit of a battering. Sometimes things will go wrong and it doesn’t mean you have to lay out for a new one straight away. Quite often issues can be repaired easily and we can give your microwave a new lease of life. This time of year can be expensive for families, so an easy repair job might save them from buying a new one and free up money for gifts for the children.

“Microwaves can be really complicated appliances to fix. If you do not know exactly how it works, then I would appeal to you not to even attempt a repair. There is a big danger that you could do more damage than the original problem.

“We have a team of highly qualified technicians who have been trained to repair appliances like microwaves and they know exactly how to deal with every issue that might occur.

The most common problems with microwaves are sparking when cooking, the plate not turning when cooking, buttons not working, the light not coming on and the microwave stopping in the middle of cooking something.

“All of these problems are issues we see in Ottawa all the time and they are all fixable. We can usually do the necessary repairs for far less than the cost of a new microwave and if we cannot, we will tell you. It is very unusual for our team not to be able to fix a problem that arises with a microwave,” he added.

Appliance Repair Ottawa offers same day repairs for microwaves, so families do not have to be without their trusted appliance for long.

When the team are called out, they will do an initial assessment of the appliance to identify the problem. They will quote for the job and undertake the repairs if the customer agrees. If parts are needed, they will be ordered as soon as possible.

“If we do have to order parts, they will be the best available on the market, so our customers don’t have more problems with their appliance further down the line,” he added.

Appliance Repair Ottawa’s technicians also repair fridges, freezers, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, stovetops, ovens and ranges, as well as microwaves and they are qualified to work with all of the top brands.

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Appliance Repair Ottawa is a family run company that offers high quality appliance repair services for homes and business of all sizes across the region. The company’s team of experienced and highly trained technicians pride themselves on good customer service and aim to get their customer’s appliances – whatever the brand – up and running as quickly as possible.

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