Kash Global® Launches the World’s First Hand Sanitizer Catalyst Alongside Its KN95 Masks and Hand Sanitizers

Kash Global offers novel and great value PPE products including: intriguing KN95 face masks and hand sanitizers together with its new product: the world’s first Sanitization catalyst.

KN95 Face Masks

Amongst all other types of face coverings, the KN95 respirator seems to have plenty of traits that makes it pretty much superior to other masks. A KN95 face mask, also known as KN95 FFP2 or KN95 Respirator, usually offers higher levels of protection, efficiency, filtration and material. Moreover, KN95 respirators with breathing valve provide an extra level of practicality and convenience. A valved KN95 face mask might be a great choice for you if you’re looking for a face cover with enhanced breathability.

A KN95 face mask can offer a staggering 95% safeguarding from viruses, and a perfect 100% protection from bacteria, dust, and pollen. The 6-layer KN95 face mask is deemed as one of the ideal options for environments with potential contamination risk.

Best Hand Sanitizer

Searching for a good hand sanitizer probably requires measurement against professionally established metrics. Yet, it doesn’t seem to be consensus about the criteria for the best hand sanitiser even amongst industry gurus and health specialists. However, fortunately, there might be some major characteristics to look for in a great hand sanitiser gel. An essential factor of a hand sanitizer’s quality is presumably an effective formula that contains no less than 70% alcohol which should be enough to kill 99.9 of germs and bacteria providing confident hands’ hygiene.

Certification provides confidence and a CE and an ISO certificates are a plus. Packaging is an issue and a well-designed quality pump dispenser bottle results in a lot of convenience to users especially if it’s provided with a stopper to prevent accidental squirting. Hand sanitizers with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E are a fabulous solution for alcohol’s drying effects.

The World’s First Automatic Talking Hand Sanitizer Catalyst

The voice, light and motion detection options are innovatively integrated to devise the world’s first device that urges and encourages sanitisation and other protection measures. The appliance can be used at any setting and location. The sanitiser Catalyst works around the clock to ensure sanitization, safety and indeed any other messages are passed to anyone within the range of its proximity sensor.

The device attracts attention to sanitizer dispensers or stands or indeed to other desired devices or objects by shedding light on the object and making a programmable voice announcement. It saves time and effort passing sanitization, protection and other messages to people at a designated area.

The appliance encompasses a number of sophisticated features including the ability to pass over 26 standard messages in 20 widely spoken languages. Moreover, one can choose to record customized message to be automatically played in a selected language. The system boasts a staggering 5-year battery life or 200,000 operations.

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With an MBA in Business Administration and log established expertise in international business, Mal Kash is the founder and Managing director of Kash Global®, a UK-registered Trade Mark that supplies lifestyle products.

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