AUZAI Advanced Ultra-Portable Computer Monitor Just Crashed to Lower Price on Black Friday

This is the effort to acquaint one with AUZAI’s latest advanced computer monitor. It is the ultra-portable computer screen that measures 15.6″ diagonally. In this AUZAI portable computer monitor review; it explores each department to determine its potential and capability.

Portable monitors collect magnificent benefits for users. It paves the way when one wishes to enjoy a favourite movie or handle their office projects. These devices come in handy to serve one with a bunch of physical input interfaces.

AUZAI 15.6-Inch Portable Monitor – Introduction

Suppose one is staying in a hotel and desire to enjoy favorite movie on the favorite streaming service. It has to connect the phone to the room’s TV using HDMI or USB cable. It means it needs to carry a whole kit of these external wires to stream the show on the go.

This is the moment when a portable monitor can assist one all the way. It encourages users to review the all-new AUZAI portable monitor. It is manufactured by the Chinese brand Jiangxi Ruide Electronics Co., Limited. Well, the LCD screen is intended to be compact, tiny, lightweight and slim enough to adjust the backpack comfortably.

Further, it also brings performance-driven features and technical capabilities. It will have the freedom to run the monitor for a variety of applications from gaming to working to enjoying movies.

As far as other specifications are associated, the LED IPS panel integrates multiple ports for a reliable connection. One will have USB-C, Mini HDMI, 3.5mm Jack, and Type-C etc. The company promises to deliver high-end quality visuals, thanking the 15.6″ IPS screen with 1920x1080p resolution and 1000:1 contrast ratio.

AUZAI Portable Computer Monitor Review: Features and Specifications

As what is promised, it will scrutinize each section of the monitor individually to discover its strengths and drawbacks on the same piece. So, let’s dive into the detailed analysis without making any further delay.

Design and Construction

Guess why it is so attractive? The answer is simple – due to its incredibly compact and captivating size. The portable chassis is designed professionally to achieve the stunning outlook in collaboration with the black color coating.

Further, the latest monitor measures 13.9″ long, 8.7″ wide, and 0.3″ thick when folded. Hence, it is exactly the size of a notepad, and can easily be stored in backpack or handbag.

The monitor itself utilizes IPS LED diodes that are well-optimized for a wide-angle viewing experience. These diodes are virtually flicker-free, that means users won’t encounter any irritating strobing.

On its sides, one will see a plethora of interfaces for connection motive. There is a Mini HDMI Port, USB Type-C Data Transmission Port, USB Type-C Power Supply, Power/Return Button, 3.5mm Audio Jack, and Menu Button.


Let’s investigate the primary talent. The AUZAI portable monitor houses a 15.6″ Full HD IPS 1080p display. It is what one honestly need in a 15.6″ screen frame. There is no considerable difference between 4K and 1080p resolution panel.

Further, it is a thin and light spectrum to deliver a versatile presentation to users. To be better on the radar, it utilizes the HDR technology to achieve more vibrant color balance. Thanks to the OSD Menu profile, which allows users to navigate through different setting options and elements of the display, i.e. color, audio, brightness/contrast etc.

What makes the display department more exciting is the 1920×1080 pixels screen resolution and the 16:9 aspect ratio. Users can also adjust the brightness at 250 cd/m2, while the contrast ratio stays 1000:1.


The AUZAI 15.6″ Portable screen features universal compatibility by supporting multiple devices. If users want to connect to laptop, PC, smartphone, PS4, Nintendo, Switch or anything more, mini HDMI and Type-C ports are there to help.

Similarly, the monitor supports the USB-C to USB-C and USB-C to USB Type-A cable for charging. However, if one wants to run it efficiently, the screen must have enough power. It also allows users to attach it with speakers via Mini HDMI.

Another common use of this plate is as a dual display. As the monitor is 1080p, it is easy to use even if the external equipment doesn’t have a dedicated graphics card.


To make it sound-efficient, the company has configured the AUZAI 15.6-inch portable monitor with dual speakers. It can provide 3600 stereo sound output for a better movie-watching experience. They might be better than what the current phone or laptop offers.

Is it Worth Buying?

How to perceive the screen after consuming the AUZAI 15.6″ Portable Computer Monitor review? It truly depends upon what one’s looking for. The monitor is designed as a secondary monitor for creative work or business. Thankfully, it keeps its promise proficiently in both conditions. Ultimately, it is a product that needs a chance. Good news is, now one doesn’t have to spend that much on a monitor like this, with the hot Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal, can get it for only $151.99 now! (Until 11/30/20)

Here’s the info:

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Original Price: $189.99
Deal Price: $151.99
Discount per unit: $38 (20% off)
Type: Prime Exclusive Discount
Date: 11/26/20 12:00 AM – 11/30/20 11:59 PM

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