George ‘GStar’ Internet Celebrity Turned Rapper Scores Biggest Label Deal of 2020

Upon scoring a massive record deal, beloved rapper and entrepreneur George ‘GStar’ attributes his triumphs to his unwavering work ethic.

Famously known as the youngest and most distinguished entrepreneur in the world, internet celebrity turned rapper George ‘GStar’ stands by the claim that millions simply are not enough. At just 27 years old, the self-made mogul has accumulated over $150 million, first by working in the logistics and metal recycling business and then exacerbating his fortune by diving into real estate investment. Now, his growing legacy acts as an inspiration to his fans and followers.

A true visionary, GStar has taken on a myriad of endeavors and enjoys speaking on leadership, social dynamics, and real estate investing. Not to mention, he’s found massive success through his websites, which impressively generate over $45 million in profits yearly. He is even the founder of the largest recycling oil and gas exporter overseas. Still, GStar is continually finding ways to capitalize on every opportunity and further his music career as a rapper, having just scored one of the biggest label deals of the year.

Upon selling his first scrap and metal business for $350 million, an avid philanthropist, GStar donated half of the profits to assist in rebuilding over thirty communities in South Africa. Through YouTube videos and other digital means, GStar shares tips and tricks to success that his fans can’t seem to get enough of. Much of his advice highlights the importance of creating a routine and fostering positive energy.

An inspiration to young people everywhere, George ‘GStar’ is the definition of ambition. Before he finally snagged the name GStar, he was raised inside of a federal penitentiary. He attended high school while living on Rikers Island. He decided to alter his life course, working tirelessly to build his reputation, music career, and massive fortune. With his entrepreneurial mindset constantly at work, GStar is always striving for bigger, better, and more.

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