All City Permits Launches TagCut, an Innovative Solution to Stop License Plate Decal Theft

Decal theft has become an all too common occurrence, leaving vehicle owners red and fuming over the hassles that ensue. A novel patent pending innovation, TagCut is a plastic template that allows securing the decal against theft. TagCut works on all state decals and requires only a utility knife for use. 

TagCut is the invention of All City Permits, a company based in South Florida, which offers permit expediting and licensing services. Over 500,000 license plate registration decals get stolen in the US. The most frustrating experience occurs when vehicle drivers get pulled over and then realize their decal is missing. To avoid paying the full price for a new decal, a police report is needed. The fees are meant to be paid in a specified time, and contestation requires in-person presence in a local court. Even after getting a replacement decal, it is still vulnerable to being stolen again.

We travel a lot every day to help clients with their permits and licensing. On several occasions, we received parking citations for an expired license plate decal, simply because it was stolen. We decided to solve this problem because we were frustrated with the process and lack of any solution by government agencies or products on the market,” says a spokesperson for TagCut.

TagCut can be used within a minute. Simply place the template over the tag decal and use any utility knife or the TagCut cutter by sliding it along the slots from left to right, and then top to bottom with a firm press. This creates impressions on the tag decal and secures it against theft.

TagCut buyers not only secure their decals but also support charities and local jobs. All profits from TagCut goes to support charities. TagCut can also be ordered for FREE by sending a self-addressed stamped envelope to: TagCut, 6115 Stirling Rd. Suite 210, Davie, Fl. 33314.

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