CD BioSciences Introduces PK/PD Analysis Service for Clinical Applications

CD BioSciences introduces PK/PD analysis services for applications in the pre-clinical and clinical stages.

New York, USA – November 30, 2020 – With over a decade of experience in offering comprehensive clinical trial services, CD BioSciences continues to expand service offerings by introducing PK/PD analysis services for applications in the pre-clinical and clinical stages. CD BioSciences will provide PK/PD analysis and modeling at different stages of drug development to support scientists for more discoveries.

Pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic (PK/PD)-modeling links dose-concentration relationships (PK) and concentration-effect relationships (PD), thereby facilitating the description and prediction of the time course of drug effects resulting from a certain dosing regimen. PK/PD-modeling is a part of the drug development process, and is a mathematical technique that predicts changes in drug efficacy over time and dose.

Services offered by CD BioSciences for PK/PD analysis and modeling at different stages of drug development include importing, processing and visualizing time-course data, selecting a pharmacokinetic model from a library, or creating mechanism-based PD/PK models using the interactive block-diagram editor, estimating model parameters using non-linear regression or NLME methods, exploring system dynamics, using parameter sweeps and sensitivity analysis, and stimulating dosing strategies and what-if scenarios.

In preclinical phase, PK/PD analysis and modeling services from CD BioSciences have various advantages, such as selecting the optimal compound if more than one is available, predicting clinical potency estimates (EC50), providing the guidance for the dose range to be tested in early clinical trials, and assessing the potential for drug-drug interactions. In clinical phase, the usefulness of PK/PD analysis and modeling can be divided into three stages, and CD BioSciences guarantees the confidentiality and sensitivity of customers’ data, as well as cost-effective, complete, and concise reports. CD BioSciences is committed to providing researchers timely, high-quality deliverables.

“CD BioSciences focuses on providing critical support to meet the high demand of research community for clinical trials, and the addition of the PK/PD analysis services will expand our existing portfolio to provide assistance for our clients seeking findings in studies. We’re thrilled to provide such services to scientists, hoping to accelerate their drug development process, and we’ll work to develop more innovative clinical products and services to enable our global customers to take their clinical projects faster with greater efficiency.” said Helen James, senior scientist at CD BioSciences.

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