A famous media personality and a close observer of rap and hip-hop culture, Candy Strother DeVore Mitchell launches a book series that is dedicated to the lives of star rappers and hip-hop artists

Candy Strother and team organized the launch party of her book and simulcast show titled ‘Faces of Rap Mothers’ recently near Los Angeles California!

California, USA – Candy Strother DeVore Mitchell is a renowned television show host and author who is well-known for advocating civil rights interests. Candy belongs to a family of infamous rappers and hip-hop icons that has enabled her to bring together ladies from the households of these stars, who are open to sharing their inside stories and personal accounts.

This idea eventually materialized in the form of a live tv show and a book series called ‘Faces of Rap Mothers’. Which is currently aired on Now Network, MJ Own Network & PPV MUUZIC TYME. com is where Faces of Rap mother’s TV Shows air

Published by DonnaInk Publications, LLC. ‘Faces of Rap Mothers’ shares intimate details of the lives of infamous celebrities within the rap and hip-hop culture from the ’60s onwards. The book features narrations not only from mothers, sisters, daughters, and relatives of celebrated hip-hop artists and rappers but also from businesswomen, and female artists. One of the distinctive characteristics of this book is the collection of images reflecting the lives of the superstars under discussion. The foreword of this book is presented by Jeffrey Collins, a highly reputed name in the music industry.

The ‘Faces of Rap Mothers’ book and reality show cast and crew Launch Party was successfully held on 29 September 2019 from 2 PM to 3:30 PM PST  in  Santa Fe Springs, California. The event was attended by Candy Strother DeVore Mitchell – Faces of Rap Mothers Author & Program Creator, William William Mckennly & Delano Glass, Geneava Bryant, Ricara Danielss, Monica Davis, Shonta Gibson, Angel Gilcrest Guyton, Kaloni Hall, Tyaunna Harris, Angela Hicks, JCM – Camille, Jordan & Macayla Bryant, Michael Keith – Disney star, Pastor Jamika Lawson – Pastor of Faces of Rap Mothers, Joshua Mitchell, Lena Moss, Jamie Paris, Capone Puentes, Shaquis Ransom, Bonnie Williams, Nina Womack, and Sharon Lynette Young – Beretta.

The event was bustling with fans and guests who were excited to socialize with their idols and take pictures with them. The entry ticket was priced at a meager $10 to make the event accessible to as many people as possible. Initially, the book was offered in 6 different variants. The options included soft copy, hard copy, color print, and black and white print. Candy Strother DeVore Mitchell is excited to re-release her first book ‘Face of Rap Mothers’ and expects her readership to make the most out of this enchanting read.

About the Author:

Candy Strother DeVore Mitchell is the niece of Ophelia DeVore Mitchell and belongs to the family that is inspired by civil rights ideals prescribed by Dr. Martin Luth-er King. She is actively involved in media and entertainment and has authored a two-book series, Faces of Rap Mothers and Rap Mothers Save The Day originated.

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