Dahing Plants Introduces AR Technology to Transform Plant Care and Shopping

This innovative plant shop will make the online plant shopping experience easier and more enjoyable for everyone.

Dahing Plants, the online shop of the family-owned plant shop Da Hing Florist in New Jersey, introduces a new technology that aims to solve common customer pain points. This innovative business believes that plants are for everyone, thus, making the online plant shopping experience easier and more enjoyable for everyone.

Dahing Plants will utilize augmented reality (AR) technology in its website, and develop its very own plant care mobile application to help plant enthusiasts, newbies, and other people keep their indoor garden thriving. These will also create a new plant shopping experience for everyone, and help make plant caring easier and more fun.

With AR technology, Dahing Plants will help its clients choose the right plants for them. The AR feature will start being available to a handful of selected plants first and eventually their whole inventory of plants from their own greenhouse in New Jersey. From their website, the client will be able to see the virtual plant in his or her room or garden. All the client has to do is click a button on the shop’s website using a smartphone and boom! They’ll see a virtual plant pop up on their screen. This feature will help the client choose the plant that’s perfect for his or her room.

Apart from the AR feature, Dahing Plants will also have its own plant care application. This technology feature will further help plant enthusiasts in their hobby and guide beginners in their new journey. It will also encourage others to join the shop’s plant enthusiast community. The plant care application will also provide the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about plant care. A team of plant experts will also be ready to provide their expert plant care advice to any application user, as well as to anyone who purchased from the online shop.

Dahing adds that shopping for plants can be tricky. Most of the time, people buy plants because they look good, or because they add a nice touch to their gardens or homes. But what people do not realize is that plants need more than just sunlight and water. Because of a lack of proper information, some plants are not properly taken care of. This is the reason why Dahing Plants is pushing to transform online plant shopping and caring. It believes that people need to have the proper information about the plant, more than just knowing how it looks like and how it will make a room much nicer.

As a forward-thinking e-commerce shop, using AR technology and developing a plant care application are just some of the innovations that Dahing Plants plans to do. With the help of these new tech features, Dahing Plants hopes that more people will be encouraged to start their journey as plant enthusiasts, as taking care of plants can be relaxing, help lessen stress and attract positive energy.

To know more about Dahing Plants, visit https://www.dahingplants.com.

About the Dahing Plants

Dahing Plants is the online presence of Da Hing Florist, a physical plant store in Chinatown in New York. Dahing Plants was established in 2018 and share the same greenhouse with its mother company. It has been a contender in the plant business and is known for providing the freshest and healthiest plants across New York and New Jersey.”

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