Travis Richey Delivering Hope and Education to Prisons

Travis Richey Delivering Hope and Education to Prisons

Prison inmates often land at the bottom of society’s social pyramid, neglected and deprived of any chance or hope of gaining a normal life after serving their sentences. One man, Travis Richey, hopes to change that with his revolutionary program AccomplishED Ventures. 

Studies show that the rate at which a released convict will re-offend is north of 65%. The compelling numbers indicate a need to improve the way prisoners receive support and education while in correctional facilities. Stepping up to the plate, Travis Richey has committed to delivering hope to America’s offenders by helping them see an alternative path towards a better future. 

Travis first got involved in prison reform in 2013. Instead of debating policies and hoping for things in the correctional world to improve, he found ways to elevate individuals independently. Through his education programs and in-prison support groups, the passionate social worker works to help inmates design a better life after their sentences. 

“What makes AccomplishED unique is that we go inside prisons and sit face to face with the men and women,” shares Travis Richey. “We discuss deeply personal and uncomfortable issues that led them to where they are on that day. We rip off the bandaid of bad choices and toss out any excuses and teach empathy, accountability, and uncover their individual purpose.” At the core of AccomplishED Ventures is a mission to help inmates find their unique “why” and help them set goals toward pursuing their purpose.

Amid COVID-19 restrictions, the program started running non-face-to-face curriculums inside the California Department of Corrections. It broadcasted educational materials to inmates via institutional TV several times a week. An on-demand instructor leads programs and teaches the basics of financial literacy, job training, re-entry skills, and life planning. “If the inmates are unable to come to us, we will bring the knowledge and resources to them with the available technology,” declares Travis. Inmates in the program would also receive PowerPoint information and weekly homework assignments to help them apply the lessons they learned from the weekly program.

Recently noteworthy accomplishments, Travis Richey and AccomplishED have partnered with the biggest prison tablet providers in the U.S. to bring educational and re-entry content to many jails and prisons. The tablets will also contain instructional materials on health and wellness. Many inmates struggle with hypertension, anxiety, substance abuse, and other health problems, which lead to a steep decline in health while serving a sentence. With the AccomplishED program, Travis hopes to teach inmates healthier practices to keep them in better conditions when they re-enter society.

Travis Richey believes compellingly in the importance of correctional programs to bring hope to the seemingly hopeless. “What builds character is not by avoiding mistakes—it’s how you choose to think and act afterwards,” says Travis. In the coming years, the AccomplishED founder hopes to leverage technology to overcome security and geographical concerns to give America’s inmates the education they need to start over with a blueprint for success. By doing so, the organization and its founder hope to change these people’s lives and the communities they will enter.

To learn more about Travis Richey and his work at AccomplishED ventures, visit the organization’s website or Travis’s personal website.

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