Troy Sandidge’s Tweets Are Driving Business Growth through Digital Marketing

Troy Sandidge’s Tweets Are Driving Business Growth through Digital Marketing

Tory Sandidge is also the founder and Marketing Strategy Executive of FindTroy Marketing Solutions and the Chief Strategy Officer at Vult Lab. He is a marketing strategist who empowers brands to increase their social engagement and elevate their brand authority and maximize revenue through personalized strategies, systems, and solutions. He is also an international speaker, host, and executive producer of the iDigress Podcast. As a former Vice President of a Chicago-based creative agency and a current Chief Strategy Officer of a national brand agency. With over ten years’ experience in navigating brands through the “digital universe.”

According to Troy, his tweet is the foundation of his success in marketing. It was also the beginning of him empowering, educating, and removing modern digital marketing complexities while providing simplistic yet practical marketing solutions. He attributes to the tweets, having helped several SMBs generate millions in revenue. When asked who his target audience is, Tory said, “small-Medium Businesses investing $5,000 to $50,000 a month, a quarter, or annually in marketing to grow their business.”

Thanks to his D.A.R.T Marketing Methodology™, brands continue to partner with him. He believes his brand and mode of operation is different from his competition because he has been able to leverage the power of social media, relationship marketing, and community building through the use of his C.L.O.V.E.R Business Framework™ to help businesses attain their goals. He believes by focusing on P.E.A.C.E (Psychology + Empathy + Authenticity + Community + Energy) and showing brands this is the way their messages need to be conveyed to achieve success.

Troy would like to see an individualized marketing solution fostered through community building, relationship marketing, social media, transparency, storytelling, and originality in five years. He believes these are the required components and blueprint for any business looking to make a profit now and be sustainable fifteen years from now. He said, “I see that my marketing strategy consulting firm will continue to elevate brands forward as well as creating pathways for the next generation to follow and create their success as well.”

On his motivation, he said, “there was a need for someone who can provide the same caliber of effective marketing systems and strategies of Fortune 500 companies to small-medium size companies and entrepreneurs at a price that would be more affordable to invest in, removing the complexity out of the equation to provide a more simplistic process for understanding, and packaged in a way using the resources they currently have to get the same success with a fraction of the overhead, time, and money. Not only that, I recognized that BIPOC and other minority companies (big and small) in particular wanted to work with marketing strategists and consultants who looked like them, talked like them, and showed that they can keep their cultural branding and messaging and still be successful.” 

Troy would like to see readers embrace modern technology to reduce overhead and harness social media’s power to increase their profit margins. He noted that, for companies to overcome business obstacles, they need to think simple and realize that marketing is the roadmap to help them navigate the highways of your customers and success — in simple terms, taking advantage of social media as a vehicle and your content functioning as your fuel.

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