Rey D Nova Taking Latin Music to a Global Audience

Rey D Nova Taking Latin Music to a Global Audience

Rey D Nova is the face of the Latin Music Movement currently taking center stage in Boston. Born as Rafael Reyes, Rey D Nova is a citizen of the United States, a musician, and performer known for his dembow, hip-hop, and reggaeton music. Rey D Nova won the International Artiste of the Year award for 2020 at MegamassTV after having an incredible 2020, which saw him travel across states to entertain crowds both in the U.S and down to South America. Rey has also performed in Florida, New England, New York, and Tennessee, to mention a few.

Rey has continued expanding his international fan base and reach, having been invited to a special performance in Santiago, Chile, and performing in the Dominican Republic. Rey’s stock continues to rise. He continues to position himself for the right opportunities through deliberate networking with established international acts while raising the bar for his fellow up-coming artists. This networking has seen Rey opened for established and recognized artists such as Arcangel, Byran Myers, Daddy Yankee, El Alfa, Hector “El Father” and Nicky Jam.

For Rey, his growth has been consistent so far and has received recognition for his thrilling performances in the Latin Music Movement. For instance, on YouTube, Rey has a collective view of 100,000+ hits on his latest single “El Sonido” as well as preceding singles such as “Brillo” feat Borrel, “Muevelo” and “La Tipa.” Rey’s stock continues to rise, and without any doubt, in the next three years, the rest of the world would become captivated with Rey and what his music represents. By then, he would have established himself as a global act. With over 100k streams on Spotify for his new single “Mala” and YouTube views of over 100k, Rey D Nova is the standout artist to watch out for in 2021, no doubt. The International Artist of the Year 2020 award by MegamassTV is a testament to this fact.

At the moment, Rey’s focus is on his work, and according to him, he has been busy building a formidable team of supporters and decision-makers to help further his message via his music. Rey is energized and ready to take his career to the next stage. Everyone can look forward to his music and performances in 2021 to have a glimpse of his creativity and ultimate entertainment. In five years, Rey hopes to own his music studio, video studio, and space where he has the freedom to keep creating more good music for his fans and music lovers worldwide.

Rey believes his music will appeal to music lovers, especially those inclined toward dembow, hip-hop, Latin music, and reggaeton. Dancers and music producers are not left out, especially the Hispanics. Rey D Nova represents an international sound that is both unique and versatile. He has managed to create a stage presence that is in sync with his music. According to Rey, the energy he brings to the table and his music’s uniqueness is always a hit. His charisma and personality are also a considerable part of his success so far—like his leadership role and ability to be a trendsetter.

When asked what motivated him to build his brand, he says, “I have always been a music head since very young. I did it for fun, but when people said I had something special, I built my empire. I started to network and met people like Daddy Yankee, David Ortiz, Arcangel, and Nicky Jam. I learned very fast that I was a walking billboard, ready to take it to the next level. My motivation to build and keep networking is my family!”

Follow Rey D Nova on his journey to the top of the charts while enjoying new sounds along the way.

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