“Christmas Day Here Comes Santa” – The Perfect 2020 Festive Antidote to a Surreal Year

"Christmas Day Here Comes Santa" - The Perfect 2020 Festive Antidote to a Surreal Year

For all those ready to get in the holiday spirit, JD Days has brought his fans an early Christmas present. His latest single, “Christmas Day Here Comes Santa,” is out now on all major platforms. This Christmas rock song is a timeless piece that is reminiscent of John Lennon and the Ono Band. “Christmas Day Here Comes Santa” has a hit making melody and Christmas sound that speaks to the soul and embraces the warmth and joy of the holiday season.

Due to the turmoil caused by the global pandemic, fans missed out on hearing JD Days live this year. However, the Christmas season is one that brings with it hope and cheer, and this new single is certainly the perfect escape to cope with these tough times. Moreover, “Christmas Day Here Comes Santa” is also the ideal song to ring in the festivities as it features emotional and meaningful lyrics.

Being the ultimate stage performer, JD Days, is saddened by the fact that he is unable to do true justice to his single by performing it live. Yet, “Christmas Day Here Comes Santa” makes up for all that is lost and gives us more hope and happiness than ever. Since this is JD Days’ second major radio release along with “Evergreen Christmas”, his fans across the country are proud, emotional, and beyond excited.

“Christmas Day Here Comes Santa” is out now on several radio formats such as Pop, Adult AC, Country, Christmas, and Americana. It is a delight for JD’s existing fans and a worthy Christmas present for new listeners. What’s more, JD Days has effortlessly captured the feel of the season and blended it with the promise of love and blessings.

This song is a seamless effort to bring the listeners a traditional sound with a touch of modern. Moreover, this song is a delight for lovers who decide to sway to the melody of this single as they celebrate Christmas in each other’s loving company. Simply put, it is a fitting tribute to offer to loved ones no matter where they are.

In the same vein as Slade and Wizard, JD Days releases “Christmas day Here Comes Santa.” The music is sure to resonate with people of all ages during the festive season. It is meant to hype up groups and individuals alike and to put them in the right Christmas mood after a tough and dismal year of the pandemic. It is an energetic song that friends and family can sing along to. The humor, and catchy choruses of the song by the artist makes it an ideal Christmas song to bring back the happiness and youthful joy that has been missing from the year so far.

After all, Christmas is a time to remember, time to forgive, and a time of fresh beginnings. It is the time to laugh, cry, give, receive, and most importantly, a time to love and live in the moment. As a present wrapped and delivered with, JD Days brings his listeners “Christmas Day Here Comes Santa”.

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JD Days is a versatile artist whose ballads, folk, rock and progressive rock work is loved by listeners around the globe. His music is reminiscent of the 80s with a fresh sound. With a style of singing that is hopeful, Days connects with his fans like no other. Through “Christmas Day Here Comes Santa”, his newest single, along with his popular pieces Angel Woman, Evergreen Christmas and Not In Vain, JD Days has made a mark in the industry and continues to impress fans worldwide.


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