IT consulting studio Intellective launches Wonder – a “one of a kind” visual builder for ServiceNow

IT consulting studio Intellective launches Wonder - a "one of a kind" visual builder for ServiceNow

Intellective – a premier ServiceNow partner, has launched their latest product Wonder. This latest product is designed to accelerate web and application development and enable business users to make their own edits. 

The launch is in line with Intellective’s commitment to make employee experience the key component of their services and identity. The people behind Wonder are confident that it is “the missing UI builder” for Service Portals. 

The major thinking behind the launch of Wonder is to provide a delightful user experience that is significantly faster than traditional ServiceNow development.

Intellective CEO Ritesh Dalal thinks that while most ServiceNow partners are good at developing workflows and backends on the platform, they fall short when it comes to creating captivating user experiences. Wonder could help companies achieve just that. 

“We saw an opportunity that if we could help those companies cross the chasm and provide a more personalized digital employee experience that would be a competitive advantage, especially in the era of working remotely”, Dalal says.

A massive area where Wonder improves on existing similar products is that it offers pre-built components with templates for the most common employee workflows. It simplifies the process of building employee applications and saves time and money for the company. Wonder is the only visual builder in the market that enables business users to control their destiny by allowing them to make edits without involving IT teams.

“We try to simplify the building of employee applications,” Dalal says. 

“Today the way companies solve this is to throw engineers and build bespoke custom apps which take months and years to build, and it’s expensive to maintain over time.”

Wonder comes with 100+ pre-built components and a drag-n-drop interface, enabling users to build exactly what they want without restrictions.

In initial comparison for a number of customer projects, when compared with traditional ServiceNow portal development, using Wonder led to 150% gain in productivity while requiring 50% less resources to complete the same objective. 

Intellective officials are also optimistic of Wonder’s success because of its flexibility. The visual builder allows users to start from scratch, and build unique portals, or choose from free pre-made templates that make the designs look professional and ready for the market. 

Wonder is set to become Intellective’s third major product after the success of two previous applications, Amaze and Marvel. Intellective already boasts an impressive clientele ranging from global retailers like Levi’s & Co, to technology leaders like Veritas, and even top universities.

Ritesh Dalal is confident that this latest launch will help Intellective achieve even bigger things. 


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