NHU won two awards at the Golden Bull Award for Chinese listed companies

On November 19th, centering on the theme of “new pattern, new kinetic energy and new vitality”, the industry elites of about 300 listed companies were gathered. The 2020 High-Quality Development Forum of Listed Companies and was co-sponsored by China Securities Journal and Haikou Municipal People’s Government. The “22nd Listed Company Golden Bull Award” award ceremony was grandly held in Haikou City, Hainan Province.

At the meeting, NHU won the “2019 Social Responsibility Award”, along with well-known listed companies in China such as Hithink Royal Flush, YunnanBaiyao Group, and Midea Group, while NHU’s vice president and secretary of the board Shi Guanqun won the “2019 Golden Bull Secretary of the Board Award”.


The “Golden Bull Award for China’s Listed Companies” is one of the Golden Bull series sponsored by China Securities Journal. It was founded in 1999 and is now the 22nd. Relying on the strict implementation of the principles of openness, fairness and justice and respect for the development law of listed companies, the “China Listed Company Golden Bull Award” has attracted the attention of listed companies, research institutions, and domestic and overseas investors, and has become the most credible in China’s capital market. And one of the authoritative awards for influence, enjoys the reputation of “Oscar Award” for listed companies in China.

The annual Golden Bull Award selection aims to establish and improve the scientific evaluation system and communication platform of listed companies in China, and commend listed companies and executives with outstanding performance, outstanding governance, and lofty mission and social responsibility in the previous year.

This time, NHU stood out among many participating listed companies and received the Golden Bull Social Responsibility Award. It is the capital market and investors’ recognition and recognition of NHU’s efforts to practice corporate social responsibility for many years. NHU believes that the perfect combination of social responsibility and enterprise development can be achieved. When the enterprise is deployed, it will take into account the creation of local employment opportunities and take into account taxation.

NHU also believes that being responsible for the society also requires being responsible for the company itself. A stable labor-management relationship can not only maintain social stability, but also help improve the efficiency of the industrial park and obtain better economic returns. The establishment of the Social Responsibility Award indicates that the future competition between enterprises is definitely not only the narrow price competition and quality competition in the past, but more importantly, a comprehensive brand image competition in the minds of consumers. Corporate social responsibility will become an important part of the comprehensive corporate image.

In addition, in the process of corporate development, NHU has always been adhering to the corporate tenet of “creating wealth, achieving employees, and benefiting society”, and has always adhered to “providing returns for shareholders, providing platforms for employees, creating value for customers, and contributing to society “Creating prosperity” is our mission. While achieving the company’s own development, we actively give back to shareholders, treat and protect other stakeholders with integrity. At the same time, it is committed to promoting environmental protection and sustainable development, resource conservation and circular economy construction, continuing to participate in social welfare and charity, and contributing to the sustained growth of the local economy with its own development.

Today is the time of major changes unseen in a century, major economic transformation, and major capital market changes. The mission of Chinese listed companies like NHU will certainly be more contemporary, that is, to open up a new pattern for the Chinese economy, inject new momentum, stimulate new vitality, water the innovation economy with stronger resource allocation efficiency, and embrace the big wave of China’s capital market development with better investment returns.

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