Out in Second Edition, Constance Porter’s “Black in the United States” is a History of Black Laws Everyone Must Know

Out in Second Edition, Constance Porter’s "Black in the United States" is a History of Black Laws Everyone Must Know

November 30, 2020 Everyone knows the usual Black history taught in classrooms, where major accomplishments are usually highlighted. But there is also a history that must be known, but never taught. Constance W. Porter’s monumental work, “Black In the United States”, the outcome of half a life spent in research, reveals this history and is out in its second revised edition.

This is a Black history that everyone deserves to know. There is enough emphasis on major Black figures and what they have achieved, but little light on the history of laws and legislations that concerns the Black community. The history of laws, court rulings, and pronouncements is of great importance but has never been reviewed or seen. “Black In the United States” is an attempt to correct this shortcoming.

The book is sub-titled ‘A social Justice Journal/Timeline of the Black Experience Here for 524 years (1492-2016)’. Divided into three parts; Part III also explores significant events as well as omitted or misinformation. The book traverses a wide territory of four centuries up to the present times; revealing how things got to where they are today. An interesting aspect is that it also shows how this history has often been repeated.

“I’m not a black history professor, but this book should be a course that we all take. I consider it a living text on what happened here. I had to put it down or stop many times. It is virtually impossible that you will not know more than you did, and understand more than you did before – when you finish it,” says Constance.

There are a lot of “Why’s” that crop up when anyone studies Black history. Gradually, she understood that legislation played a key role in every aspect of the Black experience, including their freedoms, restrictions, their thoughts and actions. This book is a must-read because it has not been done before, and common people, other than students or teachers, ought to know it. 

A 74 years old grandmother, Constance lived through the Civil Rights era, and her quest to know more took her back to college in the 1980s. This work is her attempt at writing “Our history, in our words”.

“Black In the United States” by Constance W. Porter is available from Amazon on Kindle.

For more information, please visit: https://www.constancewporter.com/

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