Piercey & Associates, Ltd. – Divorce Protection for A Child’s Inheritance

Piercey & Associates, Ltd. - Divorce Protection for A Child’s Inheritance
Unfortunately, today the divorce rate is about 50% for first marriages, and much higher for second and third marriages!

Can someone be sure that their children will receive and retain their inheritance? When a child receives an inheritance, the spouse of the child frequently expects it to be put into a joint account or a joint trust.

If a child succumbs to that pressure, without a pre-nuptial agreement, the child’s inheritance instantly becomes marital property, and it ends up being distributed to a child’s spouse as part of the divorce decree. Furthermore, the divorced spouse may get remarried and either pass away or get divorced again, in which case the assets could end up with a complete stranger.

Wouldn’t it be great if the estate planning documents could be written in such a way that they did not make the child the “bad guy” in the child’s marriage? Wouldn’t it be great if the person who at this point will be deceased, could be the “bad guy”? This would ensure that any of their assets not needed by their children will end up in the proper place when their children pass away, which would usually be their grandchildren.

Piercey & Associates, Ltd.’s Legacy Defender Trust® has 20 protections, including divorce protection for a person’s children’s inheritance, lawsuit protection for the entire estate when a person or their spouse passes away, lawsuit protection for children when they inherit assets, including for retirement assets which are otherwise not protected after a recent U.S. Supreme Court case, and a very strong anti-greed “No Contest” provision. 

For additional information on how Piercey & Associates, Ltd. can protect your Children’s inheritance in the case of divorce and remarriage or to schedule a complimentary review of an existing plan and initial meeting, give them a call at (224) 848-4646.

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