“Along The Way” Features Four Singles From Seasoned Musician Peter Burns

"Along The Way" Features Four Singles From Seasoned Musician Peter Burns
Peter Burns’ music is inspired by his tours and travels

Peter Burns is a solo artist who does everything from vocals to guitars to keys to bass to production all by himself. His latest CD “Along the Way” is a result of in-house production and is a culmination of his hard work. The new release features four singles; “Still Processing,” “Perfect Day,” “Along the Way,” and “I Don’t Go There.”

CD “Along the Way” was released in September 2020. It reflects the wisdom the artist gathered over the years. For almost two decades, Peter Burns travelled and hitchhiked. His tours and travels led him to interact with people from all walks of. It is this diversity of interaction and vibrancy of collective experiences that inspired him to create music. The stories that people shared with him and the experiences they divulged to him all influenced and shaped him as a musician.

Even though artist is currently celebrating his newest release, he is not new to the music industry. Prior to the release of his CD, Peter Burns has travelled abroad and in U.S. extensively, playing guitar, keys, and bass in many arenas, fairs, casinos, and clubs.
The artist attributes his success and talent to God’s generosity and hopes to make full use of the gift of life bestowed upon him by performing live once again after the pandemic. “There’s lot of music still in store for my listeners,” Peter Burns promised. Meanwhile, Peter recommends the listeners to visit his website https://peterburns.bandzoogle.com. His music can also be streamed on all major streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, cdBaby, and YouTube.


Peter Burns is a professional musician who has travelled extensively. The stories and experiences that he has collected from traveling over the years have culminated into his CD “Along The Way.” As a solo artist, Peter Burns does everything by himself but is not opposed to the idea of being part of a tight-knit group of like-minded people.


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