Nicole De Coteau Introduces New Album, “Shades Of Me”

Nicole De Coteau Introduces New Album, "Shades Of Me"
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“Caribbean spice and everything nice” is how Nicole describes herself and her stylistic singing. Ever since she was a baby, Nicole was always perceived as musically inclined. She has immense gratitude towards God for gifting her with a vibrant voice that she uses to invoke warmth and high spirits in others. Whether it is jazz, R&B, or Calypso music, Nicole is capable of creating high energy symphonies of any genre.

Nicole has just released her newest album, ‘Shade Of Me,’ with seven original songs. This includes her Christmas song, ‘Around The World It’s Christmas,’ that reiterates the importance of enjoying this time with families. The album was designed to empower and embolden people during tough times. The album’s introductory song ‘I Am Woman’ conveys a positive message that shows solidarity towards all women. The R&B and Indie rock tunes in this album uplift listeners as they get ready to face the world.

Nicole has come far ahead in her music career since her early singing days as a choir member. Nicole released a Christmas album titled “Christmas Treasures.” Her Soca Parang song from this album, “Trini Christmas,” was the #1 track on the International Indies Christmas Album by World Domination Music Ltd. In 2017, her R&B Christmas song, “This Christmas Day” was included in Big Fuss Record’s Christmas album in the United States.

The impressive success rate with her Christmas specials got her the position of the vocalist in several Trinidad bands. The locals of Trinidad and Tobago recognize her as the vocalist of bands like New Generation Kalyan, Blue Ventures, and Kaiso Fusion. She has had an enthralling experience working with other artists and exploring the depth of her talents.

Most of her music is influenced by Indie and R&B. She is also well-versed with reggae, alternative, or pop-rock music. The singer-songwriter also dabbles in the local music of Trinidad and Tobago. This includes Soca Parang and Calypso, which are folkloric musical pieces that are played for Christmas or birthday celebrations.

Shades Of Me unveils the range of Nicole’s splendid vocals. This album adopts a positive and upbeat stylistic to create sounds that fill the listeners with a passion for life. The groovy tracks keep listeners energetic and on their toes right from the beginning. Her goal with her music is a simple one. She hopes to become a renowned international Indies artist by bringing joy and happiness with her music.

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Hailing from Trinidad, Nicole’s passion for singing goes back to her early childhood days. She officially sang her first note as a choir member in the church, although she considers it was unofficially in her mother’s womb. Nicole’s vocals represent but are not limited to, Indie rock music. Her determination to become an Indie artist has led her to join local bands in her hometown as a vocalist. When she is not busy entertaining listeners with her stunning voice, she works as a banking officer by day.


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