The TmrO App is Reimagining the Freelancing Industry by Putting Creative Freelancers First

From quick payouts to location-based opportunities, the TmrO app is steadily differentiating itself from traditional competitors in the market.

It’s no secret that the freelance industry in the United States is exploding at a rapid pace. In a span of just 5 years (from 2014 to 2019) the number of freelance workers in the U.S. increased to 57 million workers nationwide and that number is expected to climb exponentially into 2021 and beyond. With that revolutionary trend in mind emerges a new, impactful marketplace designed to quickly and seamlessly merge creative freelancers with the clients who need their services: the TmrO app.

TmrO was created by a dynamic, creative, and diverse team that has long seen room for improvement in the way that freelancers and their clients conduct business. For far too long, the freelance industry has been unreliable, unpredictable, and prone to leaving the hardworking creative professionals unpaid for the work they’re doing. TmrO is the app built to change that permanently.

Here’s how it works: TmrO provides a seamless platform that allows creative freelancers and those seeking their services to converge into one smooth operation that leaves both sides satisfied. Finally, creatives can operate within a platform created with them in mind; while the clients who seek their services are given an easy-to-use application to look through countless different freelancers who can fit their needs.

Above all, TmrO separates itself from its competitors in the diverse ways it can be used and the security it brings to freelancers. When it comes to getting paid for your work, TmrO easily beats all competitors to the punch—offering a 48 hour payout period for freelancers who can now rest easy knowing they’ll be paid accurately and efficiently for the work they do. Additionally, it offers flexibility for professionals and companies looking to hire local talent that competitors lack. By offering the ability to hire freelancers locally or in-person (in addition to remote workers), TmrO provides unmatched flexibility and opportunities to further differentiate the app from competitors.

TmrO is led by a dynamic and diverse executive team filled with meaningful experience. Kayla Shelton (CEO) has done it all—from a record contract with Warner Brothers to a US patent for her own product (Leg Glove), and now as the visionary behind the TmrOapp—she is well-suited to lead the TmrO team well into the future. Don Cannon (CMO) is a music industry mogul who has produced beats for all of the largest names in music—from Jay-Z and Tyler Perry to Lil Uzi Vert and Jack Harlow—among countless others. Don’s wide breadth of industry experience makes him uniquely qualified to grow the TmrO brand from the ground up. And finally, Armand Kadima (CFO), who has over 15 years of financial expertise with top-tier Fortune 500 companies and plenty of experience in the entertainment industry. These three executives offer a unique blend of expertise and big-picture understanding of exactly how the creative market operates.

Looking forward, the future appears brighter than ever for TmrO. The numbers show that the creative industry in America brings in $29 billion in annual revenue—and TmrO offers a seamless platform for the thousands of creative businesses that need to quickly locate talent and the creatives themselves who are looking to find work. TmrO has found an opportunity to be a game-changer in a widely growing industry, a trend we can expect to continue well into the next calendar year and beyond.


TheTmrO App is a digital marketplace that facilitates the hyperactive daily commerce of creative services. Put simply, it is a platform that both creative freelancers and those looking for freelancers use to find one another. It’s a rapidly growing company that is quickly becoming the top-of-the-line marketplace for creative professionals.

To learn more about TmrO, download the app and visit their website by clicking here.

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