Importance Of Hearing Protection & The Benefits Of Using Custom Earplugs

Why Hearing Protection Is Important

Hearing loss is a more common problem than one would imagine it to be. A great number of people experience loss of hearing while getting old but a considerable percentage of youth also suffer from hearing problems as a result of high exposure to excessive noise. This is a very common phenomena in the aviation business. The sad thing which many don’t understand is, most of the cases of hearing loss are actually preventable if people chose to adopt ear protection. Here are three reasons why one should give utmost importance to hearing protection.

  1. Hearing system is extremely fragile; just like eyesight, hearing also declines with old age. It is one of those inevitable things that’s going to happen over the course of time irrespective of other factors. If the hearing is damaged during a young age, one might even struggle to hear at all when old age hits.

  1. Buzzing in the ears or ‘Tinnitus’. To visualize what it does, just imagine the sound of a fire alarm beeping continuously in someone’s head for days, weeks, or even months. It can eventually leads to losing one’s mind!

  1. Ears or eardrums aren’t made in a way that they can heal themselves. Hearing loss is basically irreversible and once it’s gone, it can’t be brought back to normal condition.

Everyone wears seat belts to protect themselves from any possible accident, people wear masks to prevent any infection, they wear protective gear while playing games. Just like that, to protect themselves from hearing loss, using hearing protection is very important.

Why CEP Custom Aviation Adapters Are Better To Use Than The Generic Ones

  • The purpose of using earplugs in aviation is to protect the ear from excessive sound, not to stop hearing. A perfect balance is required so that the ear can be protected and also listen to everything needed. A random generic earplug won’t offer this evenly balance whereas a CEP Custom Aviation Adapters designed to retain accurate frequency and allow users to hear a full range of sound in a comfortable low volume.

  • Using a generic earplug in the ear canal may cause the inside air pressure to increase and in turn, cause pain in the eardrums and irritation during long time use. On the other hand, bose proflight aviation adapters are specifically measured and handcrafted to fit perfectly which allows the users to wear it for a prolonged period of time comfortably without any pain.

  • CEP Custom Aviation Adapters allow naturally filtered sound to pass freely in both ways. As a result, users voice will not be resonated in  ears which a generic earplug can’t provide.

  • Unlike the generic options, CEP Custom Aviation Adapters offer a wide range of hearing protection aids which makes it easier to select the perfect hearing protection for users.

CEP Custom Aviation Adapters are costlier than the generic ones but that is for obvious reasons. Whoever wants to protect their ears should go for the best option that will actually work for them. Life is worth listening to, if hearing can be protected, then why not do it?

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