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Nowadays, with the improvement of people’s living standards and changes in consumer habits, consumers’ taste are becoming more and more “high requirement”, they not only focus on the price, packaging and taste of candy and chocolate products, but also their demands for added value are increasingly highlighted. Snickers, energy bars, protein bars, cereal bars, meal replacement bars and other sugar-filled products that are both delicious and able to replenish energy are just in time, setting off a new spending spree.

Looking around the Chinese and foreign snack food consumers’ markets, the trend of nutrition and leisure is an irresistible trend, Chengdu LST Technology Co., Ltd. has keenly captured this consumption trend. It took the advanced production technology and Solve technical problems at all levels, launching the oatmeal chocolate production line, which greatly improves the output of cereal bars. Its advantages of integrated, automated and customized chocolate equipment are welcomed by manufacturers.




Oatmeal chocolate moulding line is an specialized chocolate making line in production for the mixing of crispy rice, oat granules with chocolate. The whole production line includes: moulds, mixing and forming unit, cooling unit, packaging unit, can produce all kinds of new style chocolate product in different shaped to achieve the highly integration of production lines.

oatmeal chocolate products are hot in domestic, and abroad market requirement is also rising, which can be said to be a trend of healthy snack foods.

With the impact of diverse changes in consumer demand, the chocolate industry is profound changes have taken place. Besides,the product innovation capability has put forward new requirements to chocolate making factory.

There is no standard configuration for oatmeal chocolate production line, it is mainly customized equipment according to the manufacturer’s product process requirements. Because each customer makes different products, it is necessary to determine the best equipment configuration according to the production process and consider the manufacturer as a whole.
Chengdu LST Technology

Co., Ltd as an expert chocolate making machine manufacturers, will continue to provide quality services to customers, and sincerely welcome customers from all over the world to come to the factory for guidance and consultation.

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