iSupportLE™ Offers Products That Show Support for First Responders Nationwide

iSupportLE™ Offers Products That Show Support for First Responders Nationwide
Items from windshield badges to keychains make the perfect gift for families and friends of first responders.

Many of today’s modern heroes come from the ranks of first responders, who are committed to their duty to keep civilians safe. iSupportLE™ is an organization that sells products that show support for first responders such as firefighters, police, and EMS personnel. Their goal is to provide products that will enable family and friends of public safety professionals to display their support.

iSupportLE© is a registered organization administered by active, retired and former law enforcement officials. Their products include windshield badges, window stickers, keychains or keyrings, license plate frames, and many more.

iSupportLE™’s most popular products are the badges which can be displayed on car windshields. They are all original and certified by the organization. Each of iSupportLE™’s windshield badges include a unique serial number on the back that will be registered to the customer once it is purchased from the organization. They also include credential cards that are to be shown to law enforcement in the event that the owner of the badge is stopped by police and asked about the shield.

The official iSupportLE™ is the most sought after shield in the market. Recognized nationwide, the shield is crafted with the finest material. It features eye catching 3D embossed lettering. The shield is secured on a custom made plastic holder with three heavy duty suction cups.

The organization also offers package deals which make the perfect gift for family members of first responders. The full bundle includes a windshield badge, iSupportLE™ 2021 card, leather wallet badge, and a mini badge keychain.

Crafted from high quality zinc alloy, iSupportLE™ keychains are quite durable. The classy keychains are gold plated for a shiny finish, and feature 3D embossed print. The organization’s leather mini badge wallet can be used to fit up to 10 I.D.’s including the iSupportLE™ Credential Card.

The organization reminds its patrons to be aware of counterfeit iSupportLE™ products that are being sold online. To verify if a ISLE shield is authentic or not, or if customers suspect that they have been sold a fake shield; they can simply email ISLE’s hotline at [email protected].

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About iSupportLE™

iSupportLE™ is a registered organization committed to creating products that allow ordinary citizens to show their solidarity for first responders. Based in Manhattan, New York, the organization is administered by active, retired and former law enforcement officials.

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