Time To Kill Boredom With Electronic Dance Music

Time To Kill Boredom With Electronic Dance Music
Like chocolate, good soulful music is known to change moods within minutes and make the listener feel better. EDM is a much-loved combo of dance and music.

People prefer different types of music depending upon their mood, choice, and likes. However, one sure thing is that music always creates a particular setting and mood. Many people use music as a pure and creative expression method to better express their feelings, emotions, and pain. A prevalent form of art associated with and dependent on music is dance. All dance forms are practiced on different music beats and rhythms.

A very well-known and modern integration of dance and music is EDM. Electronic Dance Music (EDM), often known as dance music, club music, or dance, is a wide variety of rhythmic electronic music styles created primarily for bars and clubs, rock concerts, and festivals. It is usually made by musicians who produce seamless music collections, called a mix, by smoothly transitioning from one recording to another for playback. In what is often called a live PA, EDM creators often perform their live shows in a concert or festival environment. EDM culture today has become a popular part of the youngsters’ lifestyle and has gained widespread success.

The social distancing implications due to the global pandemic has made everyone’s life miserable. Sadly, dance parties, night clubs, and rock concerts are no more a part of people’s everyday lives. Quarantine and isolation have further increased boredom and contributed to lethargies in people. However, worry no more! It is the right time for an at-home party and to groove on some Electronic Dance Music.

Rise by TintheL

TintheL is an EDM music producer who has released a few popular remixes and his music as well. The remixes he created gained him around 500,000 followers on Facebook. He started his career by creating remixes of famous pop songs and then finally released his first song, Party Starter, in 2019. Followed by releases of 4 other popular songs. Both of his singles, Storm & U, gained more than 100.000 streams on Spotify. TintheL is on the route to becoming one of the best new artists of the year 2020 as he is all set to release his 5th song, ‘RISE,’ on the 4th of December, 2020. The song’s inspiration is derived from the quote: Below us the Earth, Above us the Sky, Inside us the ladder. We have to keep climbing this ladder to overcome and find solutions for all the hard things; we have to reach the top of the ladder to find ourselves.

This song will be a great treat for people missing dance and parties in lockdown and quarantine period as the song genre is EDM. Moreover, it is not just an ordinary song. As the title hints, the song has more profound meanings and holds a strong message for its listeners. The song talks about how important it is to keep fighting the battles we face every day in our lives despite continuously being put down by people and things around us. Hence, one should never give up and keep rising until they reach the top, their desired contentment level. Check out other songs by TintheL and keep waiting for Rise:

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