Darla Colinet Appears on ZTV to Discuss How She is Breaking Down Barriers With the Launch of Her Widely Anticipated Book, “A Quest For Exceptional Love”

Fort Collins, CO, USA – December 1, 2020 – Darla Colinet, speaker, author, consultant, founder and CEO of God’s Transforming Grace, is thrilled to announce the launch of her latest book, A Quest For Exceptional Love. Darla recently appeared on Zondra TV Network to talk about the book and share her complicated and often painful experiences that are brought to light in the book.

Darla explains that she shares her story honestly and unashamedly to help Christians struggling within their own cocoons. Her ability to gently present the lessons she’s learned, and the truth of God’s true and perfect love in her brokenness offers hope and healing.

“This book is a true work of heart,” says Colinet. Come and walk with Darla and work through this life-changing experience of becoming and embracing God’s design for your life. Laugh and cry as Darla shares her personal trials and triumphs in her quest for true love, for herself, and her purpose.

Colinet explains that the women she’s trying to reach are those “sitting next to you at church or in your Bible study. Standing in the grocery store line. Your friend who is frustrated in her marriage. Women buying self-help books or Christian books about love and relationships. All of the abused or divorced women who haven’t learned about Christ’s love design.”

Darla’s story illuminates Christ’s truth to see his love design as people walk their unique life’s journey of transformation with him. Reflecting God’s love as the foundation of her life, Darla asks the tough questions:

• What is a love design?
• What is one’s love design?
• What is the perfect love design?
• What difference would it make in one’s life and relationships if they could live in perfect love?
• How does one move from their imperfect love design to Christ’s perfect one?

Darla’s books inspire and challenge readers to learn what it means to truly follow Jesus Christ and let him reign in every aspect of their life. Readers can find the strength and courage to overcome their challenges through their faith and the transforming grace of Jesus Christ. Darla helps others to realize that they have survived and now they can learn to partner with Jesus to revive their spirit and thrive in Christ’s exceptional love design.

Colinet specializes in helping Christian women discover and eliminate the lies they believe about love by teaching them Christ’s love design so they can thrive in healthy, loving relationships. She is driven to help women recognize how to grow their faith, stand confidently in Christ’s power, and to thrive in Christ’s love. After enduring a life of abuse and neglect, Darla is now fueling her mission to not only help women discover God’s love for them, but to truly come to know their purpose and to create the life they wish to live through Christ.

A Quest For Exceptional Love book and workbook is available now at https://bit.ly/39kK074. Additionally, Darla is offering her Who Are You? Find Yourself in Christ course with 3 Bonuses Valued at $548.00 for $85.00 at https://bit.ly/3llVRFg.

About Darla Colinet

Darla Colinet is the founder and CEO of God’s Transforming Grace. She is an inspirational speaker, author, and consultant who dispels the confusion and lies about love and domestic abuse through God’s truth and Christ’s exceptional love design. Darla brings hope, insightful revelations, and practical strategies through her authentic personal stories from thirty years of domestic abuse in three marriages. When she’s not serving God from her home in Colorado, she and her husband, Alan, are off on their travel adventures.

Darla is a certified life coach and Christian coach, a member of the women’s ministry core team at Timberline Church in Colorado. She is a consultant for churches and their staff to understand how to live in Christ’s exceptional love design and to recognize and support victims of domestic abuse.

To learn more about Darla Colinet, visit her online at www.godstransforminggrace.com.

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