Women-Owned Company Intense Oud Offers High-End Arabian Fragrances, Oil, Body Care, Gift Sets, and More

The company’s CEO Hafsa B Ahmed leads the women-owned company that’s one of the largest retailers of Arabian perfumes and ushers it into the digital age.

The pandemic may have affected the fragrance industry but business leaders are quick to adapt to new ways to bring back sales. One of these leaders is Intense Oud CEO Hafsa B Ahmed. Ahmed leads the women-owned company Intense Oud, one of the largest Arabian perfume retailers in the country. The woman CEO ushers it into the digital age to offer a wide range of perfumes online in time for the holidays.

“A perfume is an invisible yet unforgettable accessory. Your perfume is your signature so dare to be bold and different, and you will last in people’s memories. Arabian Perfumes linger longer and smell grand too,” Ahmed said.

Intense Oud offers perfume oil, spray, home fragrance, and body care items. It also has fragrance accessories such as incense burners and facial tissue holders. It carries 12 international perfume brands. Its best-sellers include Ajmal, Rasasi, and Nabeel Perfumes.

The company’s products are housed in beautifully crafted bottles or boxes, making them one of the best holiday gift choices around. The brand also has special gift sets that customers can browse on their website.

Oriental fragrances primarily consist of oud, amber, and musk. Oud is derived from the agar tree that is believed to be native in Assam in India. It’s one of the most popular and expensive fragrances worldwide. It has a warm, sweet, and musky smell, making it a great scent for perfumes for both men and women.

A combination of the three notes makes fragrances very special. Mohammad has been an entrepreneur his entire life and is involved in different industries. Intense Oud is part of the family group of technology firm AKA Group, LLC.

The brand has been in the fragrance industry for five years, serving over 50,000 customers. It has a presence in 35 countries and has 35 passionate employees who are experts in their chosen field of work.

Intense Oud is a US-based company with an office located in Chicago, Illinois. They provide free shipping for orders within the United States.

The company also offers corporate gifting. Customers with corporate gifting inquiries may contact [email protected] or call (800) 786-1201 for more details. The brand also offers wholesale prices for resellers.

For more information on the company, visit https://www.intenseoud.com­. Site visitors can learn more about fragrances and oils through their blog section. Customers can also follow the brand’s social media sites to learn more about the company and its products.

About Intense Oud

Intense Oud is one of the largest distributors of oriental fragrances in the United States of America. The company’s CEO Hafsa B Ahmed leads the women-owned company as it continues to offer high-end fragrances, oil, body care, gift sets, and more through its e-commerce site and social media pages.

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