Ergotec Massage Chairs From The Modern Back – The Perfect Massage Chair With Advanced Technology for Best Posture and Overall Health

The last days of 2020 are fast approaching. And it is safe to say that 2020 has been an incredibly challenging year with the ongoing mental and physical health as well as the socio-economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The unfortunate reality is that, while there is good news on the horizon with respect to the development of an effective COVID-19 pandemic, the status quo is set to remain for the foreseeable future.

Thus, the question that must be asked and answered is how do individuals retain and improve their physical and mental health despite living in a COVID-19-driven world?

Enter the Ergotec massage chair.

Ergotec massage chairs are the epitome of the perfect massage chair driven by the latest technological features and functions to improve human posture and overall health through massage.


By way of answering this question, let’s consider the following points.

1. S-Curve technology improves massage consistency

Massage therapy plays a vital role in reducing stress and anxiety levels, improving posture and breathing, and treating muscle injury, pain, and stiffness.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it challenging for people to visit an in-person massage therapist’s rooms. Fortunately, the latest developments in massage chair technology have ensured that these chairs can give a human-like massage, to a large extent, taking the place of the human therapist.

The Ergotec ET-150 Neptune massage chair utilizes an enhancement on the standard S-Track technology to develop what is now known as the S-Curve that follows the shape of the human spine down the back from the spine to the lower back. This curving track ensures that the massage rollers fitted in the track follow the spine’s natural curvature, improving the quality and consistency of the massage given by the chair.

2. Function despite affordability

At first glance, the Ergotec ET-210 Saturn Massage Chair’s pricing makes it seem as though this chair is an entry-level chair with reduced functionality to suit the low price. However, this is certainly not the case.

This chair is one of the newest 2D L-Track chairs on the market today. It has five auto massage programs driven by the L-track technology and 2D massage rollers designed to give a professional, human-like back massage, from the neck right down to the glutes or thighs. The 2D massage rollers move up and down and side to side as they travel along the L-Track, massaging the muscles attached to the back vertebrae. This massage relaxes these muscles, allowing the spine to decompress, improving posture and breathing.

Some of the spinal muscles are also attached to the rib cage, reducing its size and inhibiting the body’s ability to take in enough air oxygen. Thus, massaging these back muscles will reduce tense and stressed muscles, opening up the rib cage and improving the body’s ability to breathe deeply.

3. A wide selection of massage types mimic different human massage types

Different massage chairs like the Ergotec ET-300 Jupiter Massage Chair offer a number of different auto massage programs. For instance, the ET-300 Jupiter chair has ten auto massage programs, providing a full-body massage, including techniques like a Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, sports massage, and Shiatsu massage.

As an aside, some chairs also have foot rollers, allowing the chair to give a reflexology foot and calf massage.

This chair also has a lumbar heating therapeutic function. In other words, it has heating pads built into the chair back at the lower lumbar region of the spine. This facilitates the relaxation of and increased blood flow to the lower back, relieving lower back tension and relaxing the underlying muscles and joints.

Using warmth, heat therapy is also used to loosen muscle tissue, allowing the chair’s massage rollers to provide a deeper and more effective massage.

Massage therapy is also indicated in the treatment of anxiety, depression, and panic disorder. Because the body relaxes when heat therapy and massage therapy are used, it enhances the mind’s ability to let go of anxious and fearful thoughts. Massage also helps manage and control the body’s fight-or-flight response to daily life, especially during the CVOID-19 pandemic, helping the anxious and fearful individuals relax.

In conclusion…

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