Entrepreneur and Consultant Rashed Al Sheikh Launches Blog

Articles geared at business, eCommerce, and more designed to offer latest insights.

Serial entrepreneur Rashed Al Sheikh is now offering his expert insight through a new blog at his personal website. His articles are designed to share the latest tips and trends in areas such as eCommerce, business, startups, tech, and more.

Al Sheikh is an e-Business graduate from the Canadian University of Dubai who has worked on a number of open source projects – many of which have grossed earnings in the millions of dollars. In addition, Al Sheikh is the founder of Grinderscape. This platform is a gaming private server that boasts one million registered player accounts. To date, the platform is seeing more than $100,000 in annual revenue.

In the past, he’s also worked on the MMORPG bay startup, which is an online buying and selling site for online games.

Al Sheikh is also working on a new startup called Omizzy, and this new platform for job hiring is on track to go live at the end of 2021.

When he’s not working on the development of one of his own businesses, Al Sheikh is working with real estate, crypto, and eCommerce based startups. In this consulting capacity, Al Sheikh offers his tested expertise and knowledge to yield successful growth in new companies who are navigating the startup phase.

Now, he has announced that he’s sharing some of his knowledge with anyone whose interested through the blog on his personal website. Al Sheikh has already cultivated an offering of articles there such as “15 Things They Don’t Tell You About Money”, “Why Sleeping 8 Constant Hours Is Important”, and “Why Almost Everything You’ve Learned About Best VPN For Mac Is Wrong and What You Should Know”.

Through articles such as these, Al Sheikh is sharing advice that is useful for entrepreneurs. No matter the size or scope of the company they stand at the helm of, entrepreneurs are in need of a unique knowledge base, and Al Sheikh is honored to share some of the things he has learned along his own personal journey.

Al Sheikh’s website also offers a snapshot of his portfolio through a project listing, as well as a resume showing his impressive career attributes. With skills such as e-business project management, e-Marketing, web development and security, and more, Al Sheikh is a prominent online entrepreneur who is passionate about helping others who wish to succeed in the same space.

More information can be found at https://rashedalsheikh.com.

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Rashed Al Sheikh is a serial entrepreneur and consultant offering insight into eCommerce, business, startups, tech, and more.

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