Specialist Branding Business Offers Free COVID-19 Brand Strategy Sessions For Australian Companies

Red Energy Promotions, a specialist promotional branding business in Queensland, recently launched their complimentary brand strategy sessions to help struggling Australian businesses generate more profits amidst the COVID-19 crisis.

The advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, along with the rapid digital transformation brought on by the COVID-19 crisis, has changed the marketing world drastically. Digital marketing, the current hegemony, has replaced the personal, tangible connection that traditional marketing efforts create with impersonal, disruptive marketing messages devoid of real value. Target audiences across industries and geographical barriers are now bombarded with hundreds of thousands of marketing messages every second of every day. Businesses now struggle to get their message across, let alone heard and remembered. This prompted Red Energy Promotions to step in and offer a solution to cut through the chaos.  

Red Energy Promotions predicted that the already established potential of branded and promotional products would skyrocket during the digital acceleration of 2004 – and they were right. Their marketing team said, “With everyone going online, we recognised that the touch and feel of branded and promotional products would be even more appealing in a world of impersonal and intangible digital marketing.” This is the idea that birthed Red Energy Promotions, who offer branded and promotional products to satiate the innate human need for sensory experiences and emotional connections. “Branded and promotional products have that edge, that touch and feel that other marketing just can’t match. They make people smile, engaging them and providing that tactile connection lacking in so many of today’s marketing messages,” the marketing team explained.

The proven and timeless tactic of branded and promotional products has since been the core of their business, bringing some of Australia’s now leading brands the exposure and profits they needed. However, the rapid digitisation brought about by COVID-19, as well as the subsequent financial crises, has left many businesses with no other option but to compete with millions of companies vying for worldwide audiences online. With competition fierce and funds tight, many are spending the little revenue they have left on digital marketing messages that become lost in a sea of intangible online tactics. Red Energy Promotions seeks to give these businesses an opportunity to rise above the waters and stand out from the crowd by offering them a lifeline in the form of free brand strategy sessions. Companies will have access to insights and strategies from experienced branding specialists regarding building and elevating their brand through branded and promotional products. “Promotional products used in a thoughtful way provide long-lasting and tangible brand experiences, giving your business an incredible advantage over your competitors,” the marketing team explained.

Red Energy Promotions is perfectly placed to offer this support and expertise. Not only do they have over 15 years of experience building Australian brands using promotional merchandise, but they also recognise the impact the internet has on marketing. Businesses will have access to their in-house design studio and marketing specialists, as well as their logo design, graphic design, eCommerce, and marketing campaign services. The marketing team said, “We pride ourselves on being a one-stop branding shop that manages the full client experience – our team will support you from design concept to product sourcing, right through to warehousing and fulfilment.”

Red Energy Promotions has extensive experience in a variety of industries, including government departments, NPOs, educational institutions, and sporting and recreational clubs. Through their free brand strategy sessions, struggling Australian businesses will enjoy expert guidance on building their brand through branded clothing and uniforms, promotional products, corporate gifts, merchandise, and signage. Moreover, they will have access to a team of professionals whose passion is helping Australian businesses prosper, no matter their restrictions. The marketing team explained, “We are in the brand building business, but our real passion is helping our clients to grow their businesses.”

About us:

Specialist Queensland promotional branding business, Red Energy Promotions, has been serving Australian companies, government departments, NPOs, educational institutions, and sporting and recreational clubs since 2004. After digital marketing hijacked the global marketplace with impersonal tactics, these innovative brand-builders brought tangible value and real connection back through branded clothing and uniforms, promotional products, corporate gifts, merchandise, and signage. Recognising that the internet’s impact cannot be ignored, Red Energy Promotions also uses their in-house design studio and marketing strategists to offer logo design, graphic design, marketing campaigns, and eCommerce services.

If you would like to book a free brand strategy session or make use of their services, please contact their brand specialists on 1300 325 977 or visit https://www.redenergypromotions.com.au/book-marketing-consultation/.

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