British Entrepreneur Lee Chambers New Book Scheduled For April Release

British Entrepreneur Lee Chambers New Book Scheduled For April Release

Lee Chambers Speaking About His Journey
His New Book Entitled How To Conquer Anything Will Be Available in 2021

British psychologist and life coach Lee Chambers has confirmed that his new book, “How To Conquer Anything”, will be released on 30th April 2021. Initially planned for November this year, the book has been delayed due to a change in publisher and revisions in content tailored towards a post-pandemic landscape.

The book follows his journey from growing up on a British council estate, his educational journey and the challenges he faced in his youth. It continues by interweaving psychology and neuroscience into his adult journey of challenge and adversity, while providing actionable advice on how we can conquer everyday feelings such as anxiety and perfectionism.

The timing of the book is essential, according to Lee, as we look to a hopeful and optimistic future as we recover from the changes we have faced in 2020. In his recent book, “Living Authentically“, he poses a number of questions on purpose and expression, which help individuals to increase their self-awareness and find clarity in the life direction they should travel in to become happier and more fulfilled.

Lee admits, with a scientific background, writing has not come easy to him. He references his recent contributions to magazines such as Happiful and Planet Mindful, his psychologist residence at the Lancashire and North West Magazine, and his continued blogging for both his own websites and for clients in the media as helping him to become a published author.

Lee Chambers

On asking him for his hopes for the book, Lee Chambers advised, “It would be lovely to become an Amazon bestseller and have my book translated into different languages. But that isn’t what keeps me warm at night, and keeps me waking up with enthusiasm in the morning. My wish for the book is that it inspires a few readers to take action and conquer their circumstances, leaving them able to live life on their terms and go and have a positive impact on the world themselves.

We wish Lee every success with the book and subsequent release, and after having read a sample chapter, we are certainly optimistic that Lee’s ambitions will be exceeded.

His book will be available on Amazon, and in selected bookstores on April 30th.

Lee Chambers

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