Legit Freedom: Anthony Paul Rich Creates a Revolutionary Company Teaching People New Ways to Make Money

Legit Freedom: Anthony Paul Rich Creates a Revolutionary Company Teaching People New Ways to Make Money

Anthony Paul Rich has been in the business of building businesses for almost a decade. He has built businesses for himself and even more for other people. Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, everyone has been looking for ways to make money. Many businesses shut down, and a lot of others failed because they could not survive the impact of the pandemic. It was a difficult time for entrepreneurs, and many months later, a lot of them are still struggling. Through his company, Legit Freedom, Anthony Paul Rich is grooming a new crop of entrepreneurs and teaching them new ways to generate passive income and wealth through online courses. Part of his offering includes teaching these entrepreneurs how to run their business from anywhere and be able to make money.

“I help people achieve financial freedom, physical freedom, emotional freedom, and ultimately, legit freedom,” Anthony says. As an online business coach and serial entrepreneur, Anthony Paul Rich simplifies the process of creating a business at home and online. He keeps the requirements basic, and all anyone applying his strategies needs is a computer and/or smartphone. With Anthony’s knowledge, anyone can create an automated pandemic-proof business regardless of their knowledge, capital, or experience.

Legit Freedom provides aspiring entrepreneurs who have tried and failed at multiple businesses with the necessary tools they need to succeed. Anthony helps these entrepreneurs figure out new ways that are foolproof and different from the conventional way of doing business. According to Anthony, “I focus on a foolproof ‘system’ instead of shooting and editing a course. Other online course trainers require expensive equipment like DSLR cameras, $1,000+ lighting equipment, a studio to record their training, and expensive audio. Plus, they teach out to be a professional film editor. So most people I see teaching this are like film pros. I’ve built my companies and my clients off smartphones and outsourcing to others (cheaply) to get the work done better and quicker. I essentially sell a ‘franchise’ blueprint plan that ANYBODY can use regardless of whether they feel they have a ‘skill’ or not. I show them how to ‘borrow a skill’  if necessary so they can create a course that sells on autopilot. I sell full business training from A-Z.”

Anthony Paul Rich was motivated to build Legit Freedom after putting in so much work to help many people build their brands from the ground up. Then, the COVID-19 pandemic finally got him to make a move and decide to go full-scale. He plans to continue grooming business owners, and in the next five years, he expects to have the top online course training program in the world.

He also wants everyone to know that turning their lives around for the better is possible. All they need to do is know the right things and have the right tools. With the right mentor and access to information such as what Legit Freedom offers, financial, physical, and emotional freedom becomes a walk in the park.

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