The LIFELOGUE Poster Collection by BEEN THERE DONE THAT takes hobbies to a whole new level

Part bucket list, part journal, and part wall art, this series of addictively interactive posters inspire the pursuit of a wide range of activities & interests.

BEEN THERE DONE THAT has created a series of interactive posters designed to inspire people to pursue their passions, no matter what they are. Satya Saya, the founder of BEEN THERE DONE THAT knew what it was like to get caught up in the every day. “Whether one’s passion is books, films, travel, experiences or cooking – it’s so easy to put what one wants to do aside for what one has to do”, said Satya, while describing the origins of the brand. Setting an example himself, Satya left a successful marketing career at Procter & Gamble (P&G) building global brands like Pampers and Olay, to further his life’s mission of inspiring people to pursue their passions.

So he created BEEN THERE DONE THAT that developed the LIFELOGUE poster collection that would not just be beautiful, but experiential, interactive, and personal enough to be displayed on walls with pride. Each LIFELOGUE poster contains 100 curated original artworks by interest area, that are hidden under gold foil, which can be scratched off once the said milestone is completed. While most posters at best look pretty, LIFELOGUES interact and engage, so included with every poster is an interactive system of stickers, ratings, & awards, that allow personalisation over the beautifully designed mini-posters based on the owner’s experiences and preferences. As a consequence, the poster evolves with time and transforms from a piece of art paper into a lifelong personal masterpiece.

Having led billion dollar brands, Satya knows what it is like to be the owner of a product that is well designed & has good quality and believes that only when the product experience is surprisingly delightful, do people fall in love with a brand. By integrating a breakthrough interactive concept, meticulous curation, stunning original designs, and using premium materials with state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies, BEEN THERE DONE THAT is doing just that. Proof of which can be widely seen on social media where the brand recently burst into (Instagram: @bnthr_dntht), garnering rave reviews by Instagrammers from around the world.

The LIFELOGUE collection is currently made up of 19 posters spanning a wide range of interest areas including books, movies, TV, travel, musicals, games, music, food, cocktails, beer, yoga, national parks, and life adventures that are suited for all ages, with more releasing every month. With a unique product and a diverse collection, BEEN THERE DONE THAT’s LIFELOGUE posters are also ideal as personalised gifts for people of all ages and interests which go far beyond the ordinary. Discover BEEN THERE DONE THAT and the LIFELOGUE collection at

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