The Difference Between an Industry Leading Wealth Advisor and a Traditional Financial Planner.

LEVATUS Wealth, a team of innovative Boston based female financial advisors, apply a process-driven approach to help clients make more out of their wealth.

‘To flourish is different than to succeed financially. Fully optimized wealth processes should be asking for both.’ This is the foundation that is blazing a new trail in the financial advisory industry. LEVATUS Wealth Services was formed to advise individuals and families that their financial success can be transformed into more sustainable results that have real positive impact on their lives.

Some think that wealth by itself is enough to feel happiness and contentment. Wellbeing, though, is not automatically connected to wealth. To achieve this, the approach must be designed to connect values, priorities and purpose using specific, clear and specific steps within the process. ‘Truly extraordinary outcomes, the ones that bring fulfillment into the equation, do not happen by accident’, said Susan Dahl, LEVATUS Wealth Counsel and Investment Management CEO.

In starting with the insight from long experience that connection between wealth and well-being are not automatic. LEVATUS has dug deeper to embed and broaden processes. Signature services and processes are designed to strengthen the connections where they most naturally occur.

Innovative and female founded, LEVATUS emboldens clients to see all the positive possibilities of financial success through wealth counsel and investment management. The team understands the value of a life well lived. For them, success is having a positive impact not only on their clients’ lives, but on each team member’s as well.

“Our brand is innovative and fresh, with signature processes that ask more of wealth, connecting financial strategy with purpose and values in specific and tangible ways in order to arrive at truly extraordinary outcomes that impact quality of life,” Senior Client Advisor Jessica Grande added.

In addition to the core services of investments, wealth counsel, and financial planning, the wealth advisors from LEVATUS give more by offering the Signature Suite of LEVATUS wealth services, including mission statement development and evolution, priorities and purpose cash flow mapping, absolute growth and stability targeting, personalized success strategy roadmap, children and wealth program, young adult financial and career coaching, comprehensive organization program and executive summary impact report.

These signature services are intentionally designed to connect financial strategy to the clients’ values and purpose, effectively getting more from wealth. This is where clients get to explore the deeper questions like – What is it they wish they had more of?

Every client has a different story. Whether they’re a CEO, passionate entrepreneurs, stockholders or successful professionals, consulting with LEVATUS can help to connect their values and priorities and their wealth so that what really matters most to them is part of the solution. More information can be found at

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LEVATUS is a registered investment advisory firm. Visit their website for disclosures.

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