Zenus Launches Smart Camera to Analyze Customer Experience

The AI-powered smart cameras perform ethical facial analysis, measure foot traffic, demographics, and happiness scores with over 95% accuracy.

Businesses need data to optimize their customer experience. This business practice is being utilized more than ever, especially by companies which have an online presence. While pulling website traffic and user data can be easily done with a few clicks in an e-commerce setting, brick and mortar stores are left finding other ways to accurately measure their customer impact. Zenus recently launched the second generation of its smart cameras. They provide a very efficient solution for customer analytics within retail stores, events, amusement parks, and more.

The Zenus smart cameras measure impressions and engagements offering a complete marketing funnel for in-person experiences. They are also able to provide additional metrics such as demographics and positive sentiment scores with over 95% accuracy. Real time results are displayed on a live dashboard. This allows business owners to stay on top of store or event performance at all times.

Each smart camera passively analyzes hundreds of faces and covers thousands of square feet – as much as 15,000 ft2. Zenus allows businesses to gain insights on their audience without crossing the line into invasion of privacy. The smart cameras process the video feed locally leveraging state-of-the-art edge computing with no risk of data theft or personal identification. Video and images are never stored or transmitted. People are never identified.

Each device sends aggregate statistics over Wi-Fi to update the live dashboard, which is accessible anytime and anywhere. The smart cameras detect faces even if people are wearing masks, glasses, or hats which allows it to efficiently provide metrics in today’s world and beyond.

In the new normal of COVID-19, this technology provides the ability to create even safer environments. Zenus’ smart cameras can analyze the number and position of people in a store or certain areas to measure occupancy levels and ensure there is enough space for customers to practice social distancing. Businesses may also use the cameras’ heat maps to visualize foot traffic at certain points of interest and quantify how long people stay in such areas.

All of this ethically gathered data allows businesses to measure and show the ROI/E, understand user behavior, grow sales, and improve operations with KPIs, occupancy levels, and people’s satisfaction.

Zenus’ technologies have been used in over 20 countries with deployments ranging from small crowds to thousands of people. They have helped brands such as ServiceNow, Keller Williams, Accenture, Oracle, and the Treasury of the United Kingdom. For more information on Zenus’ smart camera features, visit https://www.zenus.ai/.

Competition constantly grows tougher and businesses are faced with new, unexpected challenges. Artificial intelligence has thus become a valuable tool across many industries. With numerous products launched every year, investors are encouraged to support ethically developed technologies. For more information on Zenus’ second generation camera campaign, visit https://www.startengine.com/zenus.

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