Transcend Digital Solutions Builds Custom Marketing Solutions for Businesses

The marketing firm provides online marketing solutions that can boost brands’ online presence.

In an era where digital products and services give businesses a certain advantage, owning an online presence is crucial. Transcend Digital Solutions, founded by Tiye Martin, offer companies the online tools to cultivate not only a strong online presence, but also to use that influence to develop systems that create cashflow online.

The team behind Transcend Digital Solutions are talented and experienced professionals that have spent years developing digital marketing campaigns for different businesses across various industries. They have the expertise to create an online identity for businesses through social media marketing. They specialize in optimizing social media profile in platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and YouTube. The company manage and build a large interactive following across the businesses’ different social media profiles and encourage increase in brand exposure — eventually leading to sales.

A closer look to their other businesses reveals various other opportunities to cultivate a business’ online presence and encourage brand recognition among its target market. Transcend’s funnel building service can increase a brand’s scalability and revenue with their high conversion tailor made funnels. This gets high ticket products to high-end clients. Their paid media service boosts the brand’s ads using Transcend’s advanced targeting and campaign strategy. And their e-mail and SMS marketing allows businesses to generate a roster that can provide them with a lasting pool of revenue.

They have also developed a formula that can help coaches and consultants create courses and automate their leads and testimonials. More information can be found at

About Transcend Digital Solutions

Transcend Digital Solutions build custom marketing solutions designed to scale.

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