AC Unit Installation Available in Florence, SC

AC Unit Installation Available in Florence, SC

A new AC unit is an investment in comfort for a home. Air conditioners must typically be replaced every 10 years or so. Many Florence homeowners have never needed to install a new unit, and they might find that a lot has changed since the last time they replaced an AC system.

How To Choose the Right Unit

One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning focuses on more than the equipment installed. Numerous factors determine a home’s comfort, and a thorough evaluation is offered before any recommendations. These factors include:

  • The size of the home. Proper unit sizing is one of the most important factors to consider. A unit that’s too small won’t cool the home, while one that’s too big will waste energy.

  • The home’s ductwork. If a home is older, the ductwork and other system components may not be up to date.

  • Advanced features. As in other things, AC installation technology has advanced over the past few years. With a new air conditioner, the environment can be healthier and more comfortable than ever before.

Installers do more than replace AC units. The team assesses the entire home as a system and makes recommendations that bring long-term benefits. Visit to learn more about the installation process.

Signs That It’s Time for a New AC Unit

Here are a few indications that it may be time to schedule a system evaluation and potential replacement.

  • It’s more than ten years old. Air conditioning units typically cool for eight to 12 years, but mileage may vary. If the AC is about ten years old, consider replacing it.

  • Utility bills are rising. All units get less efficient as they age, meaning that they use more energy to do the job. However, a new and more energy-efficient unit will help save money in the long term.

  • Repairs are getting expensive. If the cost of the repair times the unit’s age in years exceeds the cost of a new unit, it only makes sense to replace it.

Though most Florence homeowners are understandably concerned about the cost of AC replacement, it’s best thought of as an investment. A new unit will improve the safety, health, and value of the home.

Why Call?

It is known that AC installation is a challenging job, and it can be disruptive to have workers in someone’s home. The technicians will make the process as hassle-free as possible, and they’ll always treat the customers’ home as if it were their own.

The One Hour team works hard so our customer doesn’t have to. The project managers will monitor each job from beginning to end, and the office staff provides operational support. Customer satisfaction is what motivates the team, and are honored to be a local AC installation company.

Call today to schedule an appointment or visit to learn more about offered products and services.

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