Increase the patient volume enormously with the one-and-only “Deardoc”

Finding the best healthcare providers in the town and reaching them instantly is quite a hard task. The hassle is getting the relevant medical treatments, and fixing an appointment with the best doctor can take a lot of time. This whole scenario is problematic for both the patients and doctors. Searching for the best doctor and reaching them takes time and effort and can, sadly, cost someone a loss of health. Meanwhile, the doctors who are always readily available to give their patients the best lose a lot of patients in the time-taking process of getting to them. Well, Deardoc has proudly stepped forward to save the situation for both the doctors and the patients.

Dear doc is a platform designed with a holistic digital approach to help the doctors get new patients and expand their medical practices without spending too much of their hard-earned money on this that can exceed their budget. Keeping in view the budget-friendly aspect and the time-consuming process of getting new patients, Dear doc employs innovative artificial intelligence techniques transforming the doctor’s website into a more user-friendly platform. The ease of instantly getting in touch with relevant medical healthcare providers attracts many new patients to the website, boosting the patient-volume.

Deardoc works in a very systematic way with the help of a few digital tools that make the doctors’ website more user-friendly and easily accessible. What’s more, relieving for a patient in pain to instantly connect to the healthcare providers without going through the frustrating waiting process? Deardoc has made it possible, and this is why it helps the doctors get more potential patients, engaging on their website and expanding their practice. 

Dear doc places a tool  Al smart chat, which is a bot chatbox, on the doctor’s website which successfully engages the potential patients by inquiring their concerns, queries, and questions and meanwhile extracting their information like their name, phone number, and email, so that the medical practice can call them to schedule an appointment for them. Then with an Autodialer placed on the doctor’s website, the patient is reached by the office within one minute, which strongly increases the chances of getting the new patient. These two tools work wonders in generating new patients to the practices.

In addition to these two super tools, Dear doc adds a great deal of other features that make the doctor’s website more attractive and authentic to the patients. Testimonials play a great role in winning the trust of new patients. Understanding it, Deardoc places a review generator on the doctor’s website that automatically texts or emails the patients to give their valuable feedback. This greatly helps the new patients trust the service and choose the practice instantly.

With a deep understanding of how digital marketing works, Dear doc uses the feature of Google listings as well to maximize the practice growth by reaching the gigantic traffic on Google. But there is one distinctive, unique feature that makes the deardoc transformed website stand among others. The Al-chat integration connects the patient to the relevant medical practice quickly, leaving the rest practices unnoticed.

When it comes to expanding the practice growth and attracting new potential patients without spending too much as well, Dear doc thrives on being the best option possible. With its understanding of how digital health is the future of healthcare delivery, it provides proven results.

About Deardoc

Established and Launched by CEO & Founder Joe Brown, Dear doc is a USA-based digital platform for increasing medical practice-growth. Joe, with the vision that digital transformation of access to medical services is the future of health care delivery, transformed his grandfather’s website with his knowledge of digital marketing and successfully took the world of healthcare providers by storm. This is from where the whole journey started. Deardoc is a USA based platform, which employs artificial intelligence to drive more target-oriented traffic to the website, helping the doctors make their online presence more visible and eventually getting them more new patients.

Feel free to visit the Dear doc website in case of any queries or concerns.

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