Spinel Gems Named As Rising Star Among Gemstones As Ruby Or Sapphire Alternative

Spinel Gems Named As Rising Star Among Gemstones As Ruby Or Sapphire Alternative
Star Lanka offers a sizable inventory of Spinel gemstones in three popular cuts and a range of colors. The gem is increasingly recognized as an alternative to sapphires and rubies.

Star Lanka is pleased to announce that their Spinel gems line is now available online, due to the increased recognition of the gemstone in the trade. Historically, the gems were sometimes mistaken for rubies or sapphires and even found their way into collections and royal vaults worldwide. Today, the Spinel is being utilized as a respected gem in its own right. The company’s online catalog lists several cuts and colors which are available today.

The most common cuts of this particular gemstone are Round, Oval, and Cushion. The catalog online lists the gems in a range of weight from just under two carats (1.99 ct) to a 17.04 carat Bubblegum Pink Spinel in an Oval Cut. This particular gem was found in Sri Lanka and has not been heat treated. Obviously, it is a one-of-a-kind gem, which measures 17.77 x 13.72 x 9.37 mm. 

The Star Lanka collection is available in Pink, Grey, Purple or Complimentary color. Within each of these color choices, there is a range of shades. There are several complementary color pairs in the collection which can be acquired by ordering from the online catalog. In addition to the gem colors exhibited in the Star Lanka catalog, many other colors are available in the global marketplace. These include those with trade names of  Lavender, Cobalt, Scarlet Red, and Vivid Red. 

Fine Spinel Gems

Spinel gemstones are mined in several locations around the world. Some of the best-known locations include India, Tanzania, Kenya, Sri Lanka, and Madagascar.

Additional information can be seen at https://www.starlanka.com/gemstones/spinel/

Star Lanka is one of the leading online merchants for a variety of gemstones. In addition to its collections of stones, which can be seen online, the company offers a free gem appraisal service. The leading experts provide information about the gemstone type, price, and more.

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