Joshua Brian Newman and his company Optify Agency lead the way in Celebrity Marketing Campaigns

Joshua Brian Newman and his company Optify Agency lead the way in Celebrity Marketing Campaigns

Dec 3, 2020 – Joshua Brian Newman, owner of Optify Agency, has a unique understanding of social media platforms and what attracts the interest of potential followers. The agency utilizes the power of celebrities and giveaways to help clients obtain greater visibility and thousands of followers.

“We have exploded with sales in only six months in business, generating millions in revenue,” said Joshua Brian Newman. “I believe social media is the future and love helping businesses grow and succeed in it.”

Joshua Newman specializes in Instagram marketing. Optify Agency partners with celebrities and hosts monthly cash giveaways designed to gain clients the followers they want. Businesses can purchase slots from Optify Agency to be featured. Newman’s Optify Agency campaigns typically run for three days but can vary depending upon the celebrity.

Celebrity campaigns are extremely effective, enabling businesses to reach targeted audiences, increase website traffic, and generate brand loyalty. Celebrities dominate Instagram and are the most followed worldwide, making the Instagram platform an ideal place for celebrity marketing campaigns.

Joshua Newman explains how the Followers are obtained organically by utilizing celebrities and that his marketing campaigns help businesses gain credibility and exposure. Newman manages campaigns on a monthly basis and has an 85 percent client retention rate.

Joshua Newman has worked with a wide variety of celebrities such as singer Jason Derulo, rapper Riff Raff, and singer and former model, Iggy Azalea. Engaging in celebrity campaigns has been shown to significantly impact current and future purchasing decisions by consumers.

Over 70 percent of consumers trust the endorsements and recommendations made by their favorite celebrities. The campaigns crafted by Joshua Newman are primarily focused within the U.S. but can reach a worldwide audience.

Joshua Brian Newman understands the power that celebrities and influencers on Instagram have among potential customers. He provides business owners with the opportunity to elevate their business visibility through campaigns that deliver thousands of organically obtained followers.

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Joshua Brian Newman is a 31-year-old marketer, networking genius, and the owner of Optify Agency. The agency partners with celebrities and hosts cash giveaways, and sells slots to businesses in order for them to gain thousands of followers.

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